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@theSNP MSP for Motherwell & Wishaw. Convenor of the Education & Skills Committee (@SP_EduSkills). Constituency Enquiries to

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I was still knocking doors until 9:45 this time six years ago - and still getting people to come out for YES! Excitement at winning in Motherwell and Wishaw was short lived. Next time we will win. Here’s to making new memories !

@StewartMcDonald @JohnSwinney @HudghtonSNP @AlynSmith Hmmm I wonder ◽good photo bomb if u say so myself

RT @julstachurska: My pal @ClareAdamsonSNP absolutely aced her speech in the GUU debate. She mentioned how the absolute shambles of Brexit will impact academics and students, as well as highlighting the disgusting Hostile Environment Policy of the UK Government.

RT @jullllll__: Great time celebrating Dr. McIntyre's historic win tonight in Motherwell. Absolute pleasure to chat to @NicolaSturgeon and @Feorlean, and say a few words about the importance of young people in politics. #strongerforscotland #pollitolhs

RT @jullllll__: Big thank you for the team at @theSNP for sharing my little rant about how myself, and thousands other immigrants feel about Brexit. Scotland is my home, and the home of MANY others. We are Scotland. X

RT @julstachurska: RT @julstachurska: @NicolaSturgeon @theSNP @Out4Indy This is the way forward! Thank you! ◽

RT @julstachurska: If you have a few spare pennies, please consider donating to @marionfellows's CrowdFunder so Motherwell & Wishaw can once again elect a fab, hard working and switched on MP! 💪🏼 Every penny gets a leaflet or two - so all donations are very much appreciated.…

RT @julstachurska: 👏🏻 @theSNP candidate @marionfellows absolutely killing it at the hustings in Motherwell. 💪🏻 She highlights WASPI women and the injustice they face, the failure of previous Tory governments, scrapping trident, and the importance Scotland’s vision for a better future. #VoteSNP

RT @julstachurska: 🥰 Thank you to everyone who attended tonight and thank you to our absolutely fantastic panel - @NicolaSturgeon, @RhiannonV, @AngelaCrawley30, @CampbellSNP and @KirstyStricklan. The power of women is so visible in @theSNP and the independence movement.

RT @julstachurska: 💪🏼 Spent my #IWD2020 standing up for the rights of migrants & refugees & calling for the closure of Dungavel IRC alongside some fantastic @theSNP women - @ClareAdamsonSNP, @LindaFabianiSNP, @ChristinaSNP, @CllrAMagowan & @indyjools. We need to stand #EachforEqual, for everyone.