All deleted tweets from politicians

*The UK Parliament is dissolved for the General Election so there are no MPs at present. I’m the SNP candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith

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RT @CCriadoPerez: RT @CCriadoPerez: On a much brighter note, this thread is fantastic news for Scottish women. ◽

RT @JimSlaven: Great meeting Craig & Dougie at @Spartans_CFA this morning. Very constructive discussion about good work Spartans & @EdiHelpingHands are doing in the community. Look forward to the organisations working together in 2018, helping create positive change across #Edinburgh. ⚽️❤️

RT @LornaJo27: @CameronMcNeish Please don't tar all fisherman with the same brush! Our fisher family didn't vote for brexit or the tories. We needed the European Market to buy our scottish langoustines.

RT @DavidLivey: March: "Brexit 'will lead to more powers' for Scotland" July: "No new powers for Scotland after Brexit" Well, there you are.

RT @DavidLivey: RT @DavidLivey: 99% of Scottish taxpayers will pay no more than tax than they do in the current year.

RT @DavidLivey: RT @DavidLivey: "Constitutionally, the UK Government shouldn't block it, no." @RuthDavidson on #ScotRef in July last year.…

RT @DavidLivey: EU #Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier: Art50 trigger end of March → agreement reached by Oct 2018 (i.e. people will know what Brexit means).

RT @BenMacpherson: Some incredible views from of #Edinburgh from the on today’s #SP21 leaflet run, up the tenement stairs in Bonnington. #BothVotesSNP #ScotlandsforEurope 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺

How this Tory government tackles the #climatecrisis in the year it leads #COP 26 - by cancelling “the only major green stimulus policy yet announced by the government and originally expected to create tens of thousands of green jobs” #GreenHomesGrant…

RT @leomiklasz: Ruth Davidson: "If I am asked to choose between Holyrood and this role, then I choose the parliament I have dedicated the last nine years to." No mention - at all - of her Edinburgh Central constituents.