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Douglas Chapman MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


SNP MP Dunfermline & West Fife | SNP Defence Procurement, Peace & Nuclear Disarmament | NATO PA | FB - Douglas Chapman MP | 01383 427311 | #TeamChapman #DCmyMP

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RT @catalannews: 🎥 100 SECONDS | ‘Catalan MEPs-elect prevented from taking up seats’. Latest updates here ⬇

Debate on Mineworkers Pension Scheme at Westminster tonight - a wrong that needs to be put right - let’s have decent, fair pension for all our miners and an inquiry into this whole debacle.…

Time is running out for us to protect our oceans. I am backing the @sascampaigns to stop plastic pollution in our seas. You can do your bit by taking part in clean-ups, like the ones in North Queensferry and Saline that I recently took part in.

So under Boris as PM, high earning armed forces staff in England will pay in less tax & that’s paid for by new recruits upto mid ranking soldiers, sailors & airmen/women in Scotland who will have pay more in NI contributions. @ScotTories bakers dozen to join the campaign against?

@Wais_together @InitIntegrity The @theSNP has been working hard to close the gap which has existed even in when we thought Scottish education was “the best in the world” - it clearly wasn’t! At least this is now the focus for our @scotgov which along with early intervention is driving up improvement

@Wais_together @InitIntegrity Can’t speak about individual school budgets, but schools do get additional funding to help close the gap. The finding is awarded directly to schools by our @scotgov

Campaign Update : working cross party to move old, redundant submarines and their Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste our of Rosyth for good @dunfermlinep

Sites like this make me proud. Two of the biggest aircraft carriers in the UK docked in Rosyth. HMS Queen Elizabeth's sailed out- soon to be in active service. The talent we have is incredible and the government need to take action to secure the future for workers at the yards.