All deleted tweets from politicians

MSP for Argyll & Bute Cabinet Secretary for Government Business & Constitutional Relations

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RT @CorbynByXmas: Michael Gove introduced a Teacher's Code of Conduct in 2014 which meant a lifetime ban from teaching for taking Class A Drugs like cocaine. One mistake like Gove says he made & your teaching career is over. Who else thinks it's only fair Gove's political career is over?

RT @FinlayMcF: I voted for hope; I voted to stay in the EU; I voted for Erasmus; I voted for freedom of movement; I voted for my EU National friends; I voted for shared research projects; I voted for collaboration; I voted for international security; I voted for peace; I voted SNP. #VoteSNP

RT @paul__johnson: 'I left the finances of TFL in robust good order' -Boris Johnson Hang on 'A TfL report published a month before Boris Johnson left (as London mayor) office showed TfL had £9.148bn of debt' - BBC #COVID19

But Barclay is new Chancellor of Duchy & Dowden at Cabinet Office. Recipe for turf wars & confusion - the whole reshuffle is about internal Tory right wing #Brexiteer politics not about improving performance & governance. Just another Johnson fudged mess.

RT @KevinJRawlinson: Utterly untrue. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a serial criminal, breached reporting restrictions that were designed to prevent the trial of a group of child sexual abusers collapsing and those men walking free. So, the opposite of what trained journalists do every day.

RT @davidallengreen: " that we can put in place something that can last...these negotiations need to begin seriously" As it was @DavidGHFrost who negotiated protocol in first place, this demands looks and is preposterous Frost can never be taken seriously in this demand, and he never will be

RT @dadbegg: What a wonderful #Masters debut by @robert1lefty. Five birdies again in today's two under par second round 70, to add to his opening 74, moving the young #Scot inside the top 20 and still well in contention.

RT @Mattph_82: RT @Mattph_82: Not a slogan that radiates confidence to be honest...

RT @JohnFerry18: @Feorlean Your crude attempt at 'othering' is noted. Please point to anything I've said in a tweet or otherwise which is factually incorrect, otherwise perhaps you should reflect on your conduct and raise your game. This is poor indeed from an ex minister.

RT @NWTrunkRoads: The next stage of landslip mitigation measures at the #A83 #RestAndBeThankful got underway this week. Read more about the project here: [LINK] @transcotland