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SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross. Mam. Humanist. 🐈Animal lover. Poet. RTANE Official comms to please

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RT @DarrenConnell87: I’ve sacrificed everything in my life to be a stand up comedian, I’ve lost jobs, trades, friends. Family members look at you like you have leprosy when you tell them that this is going to be your life, then when it finally pays off over 15 years, a Tory tells you to retrain 🤔

RT @Jolloy23: I am dreading trying to cover school holidays when my two get to that stage. My husband and I will do it between us and it will still be a struggle. Framing school holidays (and homeschooling, and nursery costs) as being the mother’s responsibility does no one any favours.

RT @FinlayMcF: What a loss for the constituency and our politics in general! Parliament will certainly lose some sparkle without @GailRossSNP . Gail Ross is one of my political heroes. Principled to the max on issues that matter. Was a pleasure helping save Scotland’s Kelp forest with you! 🐟

RT @HolyroodJenni: Sad to hear that @GailRossSNP is standing down. Here's a wee interview I did with her where we fantasised about getting a parliament cat…

RT @ZeroWasteScot: Our campaign, ‘Scotland is Stunning - Let’s Keep it that Way’, is back! We’re delighted to be working with @JaneyGodley who brings her superb vocal talents. Support our campaign:… #BinYourLitter #WeAreScotland @KSBScotland @scotgov

RT @GreenPartyWomen: It has become known to us that the former committee of Green Party Women (2019-20) submitted an unacceptable and transphobic response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. Our full statement below: (1/5)

RT @PenFarthing: Yes they have. As before I am staying with my staff and animals. I’ll get them in that airport and I will get my flight in. You picked on the wrong person to back down @BWallaceMP I served 22 years as a @RoyalMarines We don’t quit.

RT @jcrdandaly: Hope calls to de-escalate toxicity around GRA reform includes an intention to rein in the online cohorts who target trans people, LGBT and women’s charities - & their staff & members - with harassment & dangerous homophobic smears of ‘predatory’ ‘grooming’ - defended by many

RT @tristangrayedi: Shot Chaser Margaret Atwood is a trans-inclusive feminist and she wrote the Handmaid's Tale knowing full well the evils that come with the reactionary enforcement of people's "correct" place.