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RT @jspaterson: Enjoyed the Depute Leader Hustings today at Mitchell Library. Went in with an open mind and have decided that I will be supporting @KeithBrownSNP to be Depute Leader. Concise and knowledgeable answers to the questions put to him by the members.

RT @MiriamBrett: The Liberals claim it’s not a choice between left and right. They deliberately focus on civil and political rights to deflect from their ideologically-driven attacks on socio-economic rights, and disguise their right wing economic agenda as neutral, technocratic fiscal decisions.

RT @C4Ciaran: The emerging picture: 🔥Cabinet chaos 🔥Confidence vote likely 🔥No majority for Deal 🔥No majority for No Deal 🔥No People’s Vote 🔥No extension of Article 50 ⏰💣134 days to Brexit..

RT @GarethBQuinn: Since SNP in Gov set up the SWF, in excess of £190m paid out to more than 326,000 households to help with the costs of essentials such as food & heating. Where we have the power to do so, @theSNP will continue to mitigate against the damage of Tory austerity & welfare cuts #FMQs

RT @GarethBQuinn: Awkward for @RuthDavidsonMSP trying to go on QFC at #FMQs ✅The bridge is not closing ✅There is no additional cost to the tax payer ✅Her own MSPs (Jamie Greene/Peter Chapman) were told @ committee in JUNE about 3-6 month phased handover as remaining snagging work completed

RT @GarethBQuinn: .@KeithBrownSNP challenges the five Tories in chamber to stand up and intervene if they agree with Theresa May that austerity is over. None of them do.

RT @GarethBQuinn: .@FionaHyslop making the case for continued single market & customs union membership for Scotland and UK. Stronger position for our economy than trade deals with protectionist Trump which could put key sectors (agriculture/environment) at risk. Audience members agree #bbcqt

RT @GarethBQuinn: Schedule 5, part II, section C10 to Scotland Act = responsibility for investment in broadband, internet & mobile rests entirely with UKGov…