All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MSP for Moray. Minister for Further Education, Higher Education & Science. Self confessed MAMIL & Dons fan.

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RT @MattGarrahan: Zanny Minton Bedoes rare voice of sanity (and clarity) on #BBCQT: the Tories can say the NHS isn't on the table for US trade negotiations all they want - but if it's not, the UK can kiss goodbye to a US trade deal

RT @Douglas4Moray: Let’s stop dividing our country on nationalist lines, and instead work together to build a better Scotland for everyone — because that’s what it means to really love your country. My article in the Sunday Times:…

RT @BBCsarahsmith: Theresa May’s husband Philip is to get a knighthood. Just like Dennis Thatcher before him. I’m sure they were both supportive of their partners in No 10. But how many political wives have ever been given a Damehood? Why do men have to be rewarded for supporting their spouses?

RT @ScotchWhiskySWA: 🎧 As @BorisJohnson visits Scotland, our Chief Executive @KarenEBetts was on #bbcGMS highlighting our #CallTimeOnTariffs campaign. “If I was seeing the PM today I would be saying it is time now to start this direct negotiation with the US to get these tariffs removed.”

Following my announcement today re fee status for EU students from 2021/22 this threat is definitely worth a read ◽

Exactly. They couldn’t.

RT @LossieEA: RT @LossieEA: @MorayMSP @RichardLochhead Thank you so much for you constant support Richard. TTx

RT @R_A_UK: RT @R_A_UK: @RichardLochhead 220years after his death. The words are still relevant. #Peace220 #RobertBurns #AuldLangSyne…