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Member of Parliament for Glasgow South & SNP Spokesperson for Defence

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RT @FinlayMcF: RT @FinlayMcF: I'm still grateful for the work @mrjohnnicolson did for LGBT+ on the Turing Bill so I'm supporting… ……

RT @FinlayMcF: An oddity of lockdown means that we have a unique opportunity to break the chain of HIV transmission and get ahead of the curve. See me get my result below and order yours at ! Motions in the next tweet - let me know if you have Qs or want involved!

RT @FinlayMcF: As lots of you will know, I’m campaigning to get SGov funding for home HIV Test Kits funded in Scotland. (A motion already backed by @YSINational and several @theSNP branches. To help break stigma & show how they work, I decided to do a test right here on video. (Part One of Two)

RT @FinlayMcF: RT @FinlayMcF: If Tory plans to close HALF of Glasgows job centres bothers you, sign this.…

RT @FinlayMcF: Just wrote to my four MSP's asking them to support S5M-01537 allowing Gay men to donate blood. If your @LGBTScotland do the same!

RT @FinlayMcF: Thanks also to all our gorgeous elected reps that ‘came out’ for Indy today - 👏 🌈 @AngusCMillar @JenLaydenSNP @kirstenoswald @Stuart_McDonald @StewartMcDonald @AngelaCrawley30

RT @FinlayMcF: Delighted to be speaking at @Out4Indy ‘s first ever SNP Conference Fringe alongside @JennyGilruth @JoshMennie @julstachurska @charlottearmit7 @cllr_karenadam @RhiannonV @Emz1964 - WHAT a lineup 😍 🏳️‍🌈

RT @markmcgeoghegan: If you want the differences between the English and Scottish political landscapes on identical issues, you could do worse than look at the front page of The Sun north and south of Berwick.…