All deleted tweets from politicians

Stewart McDonald MP

SNP Member of Parliament for Glasgow South. Proud Glaswegian & Southsider. For constituent cases & policy queries email

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Offering no humility on or analysis on how their side have got it wrong at any point and no solid alternative to what we are putting forward

RT @shellysmith_tw: Retweet please😩😩!! 25 hours without any contact now!!

RT @Kirst_MacAlps: Inspired by #SNP17 & FMs brilliant speech? Good! Join @CathcartSNP on the campaign trail today @ 1pm at 1007 Cathc…

Gordon Brown didn't deliver federalism as PM. He couldn't deliver as an opposition MP. Not convinced he'll so do as a resident of Fife.

RT @HappyCigarettes: In the last 3 hours, Donut has gone missing from my close on London Road, Glasgow G40. He's very shy and scared of…

RT @elinjjones: Mr Speaker says @theSNP could teach people a thing or two about group solidarity. #keepingorder

RT @elinjjones: Mr Speaker: "I would hugely favour electronic voting...and doing it remotely." #keepingorder

RT @MattZeitlin: jpmorgan execs sent this note out to employees