All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MP for Edinburgh East. Formerly worked for Stand Comedy Club and Scottish Comedy Agency. Contact for constituent queries

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RT @andrewrdickie: RT @andrewrdickie: #VoteRemain street stall outside Frasers West End @ 12 noon today. Help us spread positive message for EU membership htt…

A really important issues. Refugees and their families should not be kept forcibly apart.

RT @FinlayMcF: Just had THE DREAM run. 🚪 EVERY DOOR voting @TommySheppard ✅ THREE new households no to yes 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 TWO Lib Dem households switching to SNP as the best remain party #ActiveSNP @EdinburghSNP

Later today I'll be voting against the unfair Tory NI rise. But this morning I told them stop fighting me in the courts and just publish their secret polling on the union. What are they trying to hide?

RT @CaroRance: Really pleased to see my MP @TommySheppard is one of those leading the way & calling for MPs pension fund to divest from fossil fuels 👏👏 Protecting 🌍,👫👬 & 💱 #DivestParliament

RT @EdinPolSE: Great to have our local MP @TommySheppard join us for a walk about on our first Op Nightguard in a while. Busy night for everyone, but great to see the city centre come back to life! Thanks for the support @StreetAssistEdi @EdStreetPastors @EdinburghCC !…

RT @TommySheppard: The @PHSOmbudsman has found that #WASPI women have suffered maladministration at hands of @DWP. Nothing will make up for the stress & lost time with family for many but it's now past time for the Tories to properly compensate all women affected.…

RT @jamscott1: RT @jamscott1: Voted for @TommySheppard to be the new deputy leader of @theSNP #proud

RT @barriegadgey: RT @barriegadgey: If twitter is anything to go by, it looks like @TommySheppard going to be the new SNP deputy leader.