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SNP MP for Edinburgh East. Elected 2015, re-elected 2017 and 2019. Constituent enquiries should be directed to

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RT @GlennBBC: RT @GlennBBC: Lifting #lockdown in Scotland from Friday 29 May Guidance from @Scotgov on what you can and can’t do…

Tommy sheppard would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free!…

Today is the last day of virtual parliament yet the Leader of the House didn't answer my question about whether an equalities assessment has been done. The plans and dangerous and should be stopped.

Had my first virtual visit to the hybrid Parliament (virtually for today's Business Statement. Amazing that in the middle of all this the UK government is dragging its feet in bringing in electronic voting for Parliament. Something I and others have been arguing for for years.

Far too soon to draw conclusions but some thoughts on the aftermath…

Today at Business Questions I quizzed Jacob Rees-Mogg on UK government's response to the #COVID19 outbreak. The UK government must take urgent action against private companies who are profiteering from other people's anxiety and misery.

I hope the attachment to archaic procedures and the fear of modernisation doesn't stand in the way of parliament doing its bit to delay the spread of #Coronavirus, Mr Rees-Mogg. See link to full exchanges here:

Today I pressed Rees-Mogg to allow a debate on @theSNP proposals for Scottish Affairs Committee that would properly represent Scottish opinion - not just be a rubber outfit stamp stuffed with Tories. Link to full exchanges here:

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