All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @MrRossMacKay: Thanks to @aewingmsp and her team - I wrote her a letter to value the culture and arts in Scotland. She was the only 1 out of 7 MSPs to acknowledge my letter and actively took it forward. Thanks for supporting us and making culture count in a bold new budget

RT @CNOScot: I would like to wish every nurse and nursing student a great International Day of the Nurse. It’s been a difficult year, celebrate and be proud as each of you deserve to. Thank you to you all for your hard work and dedication to this fantastic career 🙌🙌🙌

RT @rachelmarsmy: RT @rachelmarsmy: @daraobriain Hi Dara, Can you tell the BBC next time you're in there that Ireland is still in the EU, thanks! https://t.c…

RT @HolyroodJenni: RT @HolyroodJenni: I know that to be Scottish you onlly need to live in Scotland, says 'Glasgow Girl' @rozasalih #SNP17

RT @HolyroodJenni: RT @HolyroodJenni: Scottish Government publishes new justice strategy…

RT @JoePerticone: RT @JoePerticone: the person with the nuclear codes has been deemed too dangerous to have a twitter account

RT @ailsatny: The bit BBC Scotland cut out of their interview with Nicola on Tory accusations she's not doing her job. #ScotRef #IndyRef2

RT @ZenMizo: RT @ZenMizo: Nicola Sturgeon is a class act. Easy to understand why Teresa May refused to take part tonight. #ITVdebate

RT @AdamDalgleish2: RT @AdamDalgleish2: As a No voter in 2014 I now know that independence is not only the right direction for Scotland but the best direction…