All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MP for Glasgow Central. RTs not necessarily endorsements! Professional level curtseying, apparently.

This may be an incomplete list. If you think we're missing someone, please send us their Name, Country/State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle. Thanks!

RT @moodvintage: Albert Uderzo, the French comic book artist and scriptwriter best known for his work on 'Astérix,' has died at the age of 92. RIP

RT @GarryStitchell: RT @GarryStitchell: See the party that reinstated the whip for abusive MPs for a vote a few days ago is now concerned with misogyny

RT @BusinessGlasgow: We have worked with out colleagues @Invest_Glasgow on a newsletter highlighting #Coronavirus funding, #businesssupport and good news from across Glasgow. Check it out here:…]

RT @BootstrapCook: Can't quite get my head around billions being promised for Brexit safety nets by the same people who forced the poorest and most vulnerable to shoulder their austerity ideology because 'there's no money'. Pissing it all up the side of a bus full of lies. It's rotten to the core.

RT @BootstrapCook: Feels awkward to mention it but if you've found yourself with a pile of tins, self-isolating, or trying to plan to get through this #coronavirus nightmare, try #tincancook - nutritious, yummy, meals from storecupboard goods. It's here, and it's a fiver!

RT @lizrob92: RT @lizrob92: Thought the clapping thing was stupid until I heard the entire neighbourhood... ◽ #NHSThankYou

RT @pureisheragain: My Foodbank. Which relies on donations from decent humans, businesses, other charities. Appalling we are no nearer to ending food poverty and the reasons behind it.…

RT @pureisheragain: Both my kids have different surnames to me and to each other. We’ve been questioned any time we’ve gone away on holiday when coming back into Scotland - it’s not a new thing?…

RT @pureisheragain: RT @pureisheragain: Action is needed. Having a moan about it on here just isn’t enough to affect change…

RT @JaxQ10: @alisonthewliss Capita Glasgow only started social distancing yesterday.They made announcements that if you can’t come to work you will be on SSP (before news of govt 80% top up). How can working on PPi and investment claims be essential? Profit over people. And people will never forget this.