All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Glasgow Central, SNP Shadow Chancellor. RTs not necessarily endorsements! Professional level curtseying, apparently.

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RT @McLeanJennie: @CommonsTreasury @MelJStride @rushanaraali @alisonthewliss @SteveBakerHW @hbaldwin @FelicityBuchan @angelaeagle @JulieMarsonMP @Siobhain_Mc thank you @MelJStride & @CommonsTreasury - @RishiSunak has got this badly wrong. It’s disgraceful that he has not listened to MPs, trade bodies, campaign groups and stubbornly refuses to do the right thing. He is damaging the economy and his own reputation - makes no sense.

RT @lesmit: RT @lesmit: I am of the belief I could write a limerick for any occasion. Test me.

RT @lesmit: @YesWithDex @alisonthewliss Here we have alison thewliss In lasagne she is finding bliss With sheets of nice pasta She couldn't scran faster Her love of lasagne shant be dismissed

RT @colettemcd: Really important issue surrounding the six month rule for #PIP and other benefits. Important that we have a benefits system which has compassion for everyone, particularly for those with a #terminalillness #HOC…

RT @markmcgeoghegan: Opinium's latest poll shows the first Yes lead since the election in May, strong support for @theSNP and a plurality in favour of the SNP - @scottishgreens cooperation agreement (including 71% of SNP voters).

RT @MFCPodcast86: A background story that many won't have known. Honest and brave interview - so fortunate to have @louismoult at MFC.

RT @HolyroodJenni: RT @HolyroodJenni: .@HumzaYousaf says consultation on hate crime will include a question on whether to make hate based on misogyny a crime…

RT @HolyroodJenni: .@alisonthewliss says Tory reaction to SNP criticism of their welfare policies is "mitigate, mitigate, mitigate, like some malfunctioning dalek" but UN special rapporteur was clear Scottish Gov cannot mitigate all effects of Westminster policies #SNP19

RT @HolyroodJenni: RT @HolyroodJenni: Women, children, people with disabilities, pensioners, people in rural areas lose out most from Tory policies, says @ali…