All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MSP for Edinburgh Eastern Constituency & @ScotGov Minister for Community Safety.

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RT @ForwomenScot: There has been excellent work on this by @CPG_CSE and @ashtenRD This is another area where harms to women have been overlooked for far too long. Scot Gov believes prostitution is violence against women. That, surely, should make this a priority.

RT @SCPO_: Thank you for joining us @ClydesdAileen @ashtenRD and a lot of the Meadowbank community talking about #localdemocracy +the issues important to you! A great #DemocracyMatters event at Meadowbank Church @churchscotland @ChurchSociety01 @CommEmpower

RT @carescot: It was super to watch this profound speech live @ashtenRD. Great work speaking up for vulnerable women caught up in commercial exploitation! #loosethechains #orangetheworld…

RT @carescot: RT @carescot: "Normalising prostitution, only accepts violence against women" says @ashtenRD:… #loosethechains

RT @yyesscotland: Big thanks to @RHBruceCrawford for your support for our campaign #YYES - PORTRAITS OF A NATION. And to @Feorlean for his last minute intervention! 😀 @MareeToddMSP @JoanMcAlpine @KeithBrownSNP @BenMacpherson @ashtenRD @ChristinaSNP @RuralLeader @Suzemclaughlin @IndependenceMag

One in three Scots are affected by ill mental health every year and in this next session of Parliament we will need to do more than we have every done before to support them. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek…

RT @BenMacpherson: When I was elected in 2016 I was determined to tackle the "Seafield stench" & get it sorted. I'm proud that recently we have secured major investment of £10M in the next few years to significantly upgrade the capability & performance, & an new plant in the not too distant future.