All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey. SNP Spokesperson for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy at Westminster Email:

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RT @NicolaSturgeon: 3. The prospect of an even more hardline Brexiteer now becoming PM and threatening a no deal exit is deeply concerning.ā€¦

@Highland4EU It's a shocking and unacceptable situation. The @theSNP both at Westminster and Hollyrood will be strenuously pursuing this.

RT @theSNP: šŸ‘ Polls have now closed. A massive thank you to all of our activists and voters who have campaigned across the length and breadā€¦

RT @AlynSmith: Watching the Westminster parallel universe hopelessly divided on how to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will. Tomorrā€¦

RT @LJMcDowall: @NeilMackay I was a 'soft unionist' last time around. I voted to be part of a community of nations. Now I'm voting YES forā€¦

RT @PaulAtTheHug: Rainy day in #Nairn but despite that @theSNP branch were out campaigning for the #EUelections anyway #ActiveSNP #StopBreā€¦

RT @AlasdairLeodhas: Out with @drewhendrySNP delivering another 270+ constituency reports on a beautiful May day in Inverness West! https:/ā€¦

RT @thesolartrade: At BEIS Orals last week, Minister Chris Skidmore incorrectly said the UK has double the #solar capacity of any EU countrā€¦

RT @StewartMcDonald: This is a truly disgraceful episode from Gavin Williamson. He has let down a great many, none less than those in unifoā€¦