All deleted tweets from politicians

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 SNP MSP for Coatbridge & Chryston. Dad to two amazing boys! Football & coffee lover. Contact: 01236 897540

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RT @lesmit: Canvassing with @fultonsnp, @CarragherT and the team in the Shawhead sunshine! Not gonna lie, Boris seems to be making an excellent job of convincing the Scottish public that an independent Scotland in Europe is the way forward! #ActiveSNP

RT @lesmit: Nothing like starting your weekend by speaking to ex-Labour voters now wanting Independence led by @theSNP! Great wee canvass session in Summerlee today! #ActiveSNP #VoteSNP #indyref2

RT @lesmit: Excited to be elected as National Organiser for @SNPStudents today! Ready for the challenge of campaigning for Holyrood 2021 in whatever form that may take.

RT @lesmit: The last five years working for @fultonsnp have been incredible. I love our team who are more than just workmates and I genuinely love my job. Time to get in the weirdest campaign mode I've ever been in and hopefully come back in May for another term doing what we love!

RT @lesmit: Out leafletting this afternoon for @fultonsnp in Annathill, Mollinsburn and some other wee bits! What a difference a bit of sunshine makes. #ActiveSNP #SP21 #VoteMacGregor2021

RT @lesmit: Out this afternoon in sunny Drumpellier leafletting and delivering letters for @fultonsnp! No cute animals rescued far. #ActiveSNP #VoteMacGregor21

RT @lesmit: Another shift today for @fultonsnp in Stepps and Drumpellier Lawns! This wee kitty cheered me on on my leaflet run. #ActiveSNP #VoteMacGregor21

RT @lesmit: Out in Bargeddie this evening leafletting for @fultonsnp with our snazzy new jackets on...though I don't recommend wearing them when it's warm with a hoodie underneath 😅 #ActiveSNP #SP21

RT @lesmit: Out delivering letters in a rather wet and windy Bargeddie for @fultonsnp this evening! A bit of an @SNPStudents exec reunion as well with @ScottThomsonSNP! #VoteMacGregor21 #BothVotesSNP