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RT @danjnich: RT @danjnich: People who say this never actually have £0 in their accounts btw…

RT @archpics: RT @archpics: The Abandoned City Hall Subway Station, New York

@snowydroplet @Tucker5law Phones the missus ‘right hen we’re going furra drive’

RT @Kenny__Stewart: RT @Kenny__Stewart: Received from an optometrist of my acquaintance.

@niklasbarber1 @DPJHodges @Huge761 Just been told you’re a lonely man with smelly breath. Any truth in that?

RT @christina014_: I spoke at Full Council yesterday about the horrific events we have seen by the Spanish state in Catalonia. Happy that Glasgow City Council voted to stand in solidarity with the Councillors and Mayors in Catalonia who face prosecution for simply expressing their political view.

RT @christina014_: RT @christina014_: This is an awful situation for women across the UK. Devolved in Sco, but nevertheless, ruled by same govt.…

RT @christina014_: RT @christina014_: The dream Jeremy Corbyn has set out for England is the reality @theSNP has given to Scotland.

Just received Key Person Testing for Covid-19 at Glasgow Airport. A very smooth process with well marked signs, helpful staff, via written notices through the window, and an easy painful procedure. A big thanks to all involved. Now just need to wait a couple of days for result🙂