All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley. Minister for Social Security.

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RT @ffworkscot: supporting #flexibleworking 'isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do' #ScottishFlexJobsIndex @AConstanceSNP

RT @MiriamBrett: It’s a proud day for Scotland today, as @NicolaSturgeon launches the Scottish National Investment Bank plan. Scotland is leading the way, and this has the potential to be truly transformative.

RT @MiriamBrett: To claim that people accumulate wealth through work hard and ambition alone is to tell poor people that their lack of wealth is a reflection of not working hard and lack of ambition. We know this not to be true.…

RT @arichmondScot: Well done to all involved in getting the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect system established on schedule. This is a crucial element to easing the lockdown. @scotgov @NicolaSturgeon @JeaneF1MSP

RT @libby_brooks: 'It's OK not to be OK' and 'now is not the time to be living your best life': advice from the longest-running support hub for frontline Covid-19 workers in Scotland…

RT @Feorlean: He complained (publicly) about having to wear spectacles when he was Mayor of London ( a job he held from 2008 - 2016) . That bit is therefore untrue and the rest is bumble and bluster.

RT @UNISONComScot: @JeaneF1MSP Very welcome decision @JeaneF1MSP. We sense your frustration that employers representative @scottishcare not able to meet their Fair Work obligations. Time to make those Fair Work obligations mandatory.

RT @TheNESM: So pleased to have the support of @NHS_HS and the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, @JeaneF1MSP for the first ever national emergency services memorial and the annual @Official999Day and @999Festival. Thank you, Ma'am! 🚑🏥👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️🚑

RT @MilesBriggsMSP: No wonder SNP Ministers are failing to answer MSPs questions. Nicola Sturgeon and SNP Ministers should have established new Contact Tracing Teams week ago and now we learn the Government has yet to take on a single staff member despite almost 8500 people having applied online.

RT @cps_caroline: Could not agree more with @JeaneF1MSP - for any minor health concern this winter you should be thinking of going to your pharmacy first. Great to see the @scotgov supporting this message! @CPharmacyScot