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RT @Feorlean: Launch of the Vote Leave Campaign in Scotland 18th May 2106 : “if we want more powers for the Scottish parliament to create better policies, it’s time to vote leave.” Compare and contrast with this on 14th Feb 2020 from the Bruges Group , staunch Vote Leave campaigners…

RT @AngryScotland: RT @AngryScotland: Trident submarine commanders unleashing a nuclear attack cannot be held responsible under law for their actions. https:/…

RT @WattInstitution: Come along on Friday at 1:15pm to hear about Inverclyde’s hidden art. A collection of photographs and films showing the beautiful ceramic tiles and stained glass windows in our Wally Closes. You’ll be amazed at the colourful decorations on the glazed tiles. @inverclyde #YCW2020

RT @UpIander: RT @UpIander: On which side of the class division will you be positioning your privately educated self, Richard?…

RT @jqjasonkew: This is because ultimately, when all the evidence is considered, we actually need to decriminalise people who use drugs so they stand a better chance of staying alive, through education and harm reduction if they ever developed problematic use. What is 'soft' about saving life?

RT @jqjasonkew: RT @jqjasonkew: It's an incredibly privilege to have worked with you today.. Support not punish and be Lawfully audacious

RT @GarethBQuinn: Elmar Brok MEP, Chair of European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs: "Easy negotiations" if Indy Scotland wanted to join EU #ScotRef

RT @the_bigstep: The football-gambling relationship is a hot topic. Football fans, especially young, should be protected from gambling harm. Agree? Join our 100 mile walk visiting 6 clubs with a gambling shirt sponsor for @GambleWithLives Donate: