All deleted tweets from politicians

Elected as SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin on 5th May 2011.

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RT @PutGlasgowFirst: MARCH FOR INDY 3RD JUNE* 10.30AM KELVINGROVE PARK #SCOTREF [*April was too close to May elections for LAB Council]

RT @bill_macbeth: 32 Tory MP's stand Accused of Election fraud! And the Tories are holding back the court cases "Until After The 8th Of June"…

RT @MichaelMacLeod1: RT @MichaelMacLeod1: Bernard Ponsonby is OFFICIALLY trendy:…

RT @MichaelMacLeod1: STV declares the "four main parties in Scotland" - despite an actual election putting the Greens ahead of the Lib Dems. #InviteTheGreens

RT @ChrisGunness: 4. Alaa begins work next week at a Counselling Centre in Banbury assisting refugees/asylum seekers and setting up a service to support people with mental health issues in Gaza. Her ambition knows no bounds, her humanity is humbling. All power to you Alaa. RT

RT @ChrisGunness: Today in Damascus I met Baby Ahmad who had escaped from the Yarmouk Palestine refugee camp with his family. In his short life he has seen more violence than many of us will see in a lifetime. My heart broke. The world must unite to give him a future. RT

RT @ChrisGunness: Unbelievable that in the 21st century the international community has decided to let two million people live under an illegal blockade that has rendered life unlivable as a matter of political choice.… RT

RT @ChrisGunness: 2 Yesterday morning at 0700 the Israeli Security Forces entered the Jabal al Baba Bedouin Palestine refugee community in the West Bank, near Jerusalem & dismantled & removed a donor funded structure that serves as a kindergarten 4 28 children (3-6 years old) and a women's centre.

RT @ChrisGunness: International broadcasting at its best. Please listen. It is bristling with the humanity that lies behind geopolitics -- big picture with a human face. It's time to rehumanise and recontextualise the debate about Palestine refugees. RT…

RT @ChrisGunness: 4 This demolition comes against a backdrop of the intensification of Israeli measures in the context of plans for the relocation of communities. RT