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SNP MP for Edinburgh East. Formerly worked for Stand Comedy Club and Scottish Comedy Agency. Contact

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RT @hearinglossSCO: Happy #StAndrewsDay @TommySheppard! Please RT Handy Andy, our signing bear, as he wants to show everyone in #Scotland how to sign #HappyStAndrewsDay in #BSL

We all understand that the furlough scheme is UK wide just now. That's not the issue as Jacob Rees-Mogg well knows. 5 days on and we still don't have clarity on whether the devolved nations can access furlough after 2nd Dec if needed and if England isn't in lockdown:

RT @MissKellyPPS: We were super lucky today as we had the chance to speak to Tommy Sheppard a local MP. The class really enjoyed being able to ask their questions about being an MP and finding out about his job helping our community. @TommySheppard

RT @kevinadaly: RT @kevinadaly: Good event in Inverclyde. 4 great candidates but I thought @TommySheppard and @SNPChris were both the standouts on the day.

Make no mistake, clause 46 of the UK government's internal market bill is a full frontal assault on devolution. The Secretary of State seems to be living in a parallel universe: watch my contribution from today's Scotland questions:

You can read the Programme for Government here:…

RT @mickbk: .@TommySheppard: "Those who wish to see Scotland become an independent country welcome as many trips as possible by Boris Johnson to Scotland, because every time he sets foot in Scotland, support for independence increases."

RT @GlennBBC: RT @GlennBBC: Lifting #lockdown in Scotland from Friday 29 May Guidance from @Scotgov on what you can and can’t do…