All deleted tweets from politicians

Policy Adviser, Social Democratic Group (S&D), European Parliament

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Low turnout looks bad

RT @UTuttlies: RT @UTuttlies: New law on MPs' immunity endangers #Turkey's path to EU accession says @giannipittella…

Anybody driving today from Brussels to Düsseldorf (or Frankfurt) by car?

Anybody driving today to Düsseldorf (or Frankfurt) by car?

Europarlamendi lõbusad seigad:Jordaania Parlamendiga kohtumisel on yles pandud hoopis Palestiina lipp. Ikka juhtub :)

no agreement on names, but at least New Russian sanctions

Saab näha, kas EPP jätab Junckeri kandidaadiks v õiantakse talle mingi muu amet (nt Van Rompuy koht) & tuleb must hobune #valimised2014

RT @europeennes_fr: RT @europeennes_fr: Les extrêmes droites : 25% France 23% Danemark 22% Royaume-Uni 20% Autriche 15% Hongrie 13% Finlande 12% Grèce (via @Ol…

RT @TheProgressives: RT @TheProgressives: Welcome to everyone in the room in #Narva and online! Say hello to us if your are joining us here or online using #Rel…