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RT @PalesaTheBrand: Leadership is not about platforms or titles. . You are a leader in your own right.. make a difference @N_Kwankwa .. RES…

RT @PalesaTheBrand: Your vision should not be tied to a specific position. It should be about making a change. Such wisdom by @N_Kwankwa…

RT @PalesaTheBrand: You can't lead God's people without wisdom. Wisdom comes God.. and wisdom is nothing without humility @N_Kwankwa at th…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) replied to @IOL :

@IOL Please finish your tweet ... Infavour of what?

RT @bulelanimafani: @BantuHolomisa These people have nothing on the Deputy - one could tell from the immediate smear campaign they ran.

RT @lukewaltham: We are led by the opposition parties! They have been upholding our constitution and they fight for the people ✊🏿✊🏽✊…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) replied to @zkulu :

@zkulu @News24 I don’t have a problem with that. But for now we r dealing a specific case from PP’s office.

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) tweeted :

There are lessons to be drawn from the history of the Afrikaner i.e. how they managed to pull themselves up by their socks and actively did something about their problems. They had their own Marshal Plan and implemented it with great success.

RT @Leskhumalo: (Correct me if I'm wrong please) But Didn't Mr Peter Vundla in his book (Doing Time) speak of President Zuma takin…