All deleted tweets from politicians

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Bantu Holomisa, MP co-founded the UDM in 1997; an environmental activist and founder of Champions of the Environment Foundation

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RT @KeNaganaJalo: RT @KeNaganaJalo: @LethaboPower @N_Kwankwa @2Jays5 @BantuHolomisa huuuu leadership, it seems UDM is getting your vote.

RT @KeNaganaJalo: RT @KeNaganaJalo: Thank you General. We are encouraged by those who think of the needy at all times.…

RT @CattersonGraeme: RT @CattersonGraeme: @BantuHolomisa Why is the record stuck on repeat. There is no end to these grubby politically connected vampires.

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @DantiSbu :

RT @DantiSbu: RT @DantiSbu: @BantuHolomisa Let me educate you general. Everything is funded by the poor, the rich get their profits from general househo…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @Habs_ :

RT @Habs_: RT @Habs_: Mr. “Im paying R100k per month for my properties”!!! ◽ Crook!…

RT @GodleyStrachan: @BantuHolomisa @BasilRichards @MbalulaFikile Mr Holomisa won't throw accusations around he has proof to say the things he did. Pay up Mr Mbalula

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) tweeted :

#AfricaDay 2020: We have come a long way, but we still have our work cut out for us. #Covid_19 has exposed the stark social and economic imbalances in our societies. We however celebrate our Africanness today! #HappyAfricaDay

RT @BantuHolomisa: Lockdown: Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 —-Has she got veto powers? The full Cabinet must take a final decision not its sub-committee & so called powerful individuals. What is the experience in other countries?…

RT @touchminto: RT @touchminto: @michaelkhaya @BantuHolomisa @mzwandileMasina Your Fence taxpayers (NationalKeyPoint) fence R37mil..

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RT @S_Gwiliza: RT @S_Gwiliza: @BantuHolomisa Oko umincile General ? Happy that you are fine fine Mkhuluwa ; now let’s support Government and stay in doors…