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RT @TanDhesi: The Government has betrayed our #Afghan friends, with the lives of those who bravely helped our troops, minorities, and human rights activists, at risk. Instead of abandoning them, Govt must do everything it can to help my endangered constituents and avert a humanitarian crisis.

@tania_hardwick So where you!

Lesley Laird (UKMPs) retweeted @RD_HaIe :

RT @RD_HaIe: RT @RD_HaIe: It cost the same to refurbish Boris Johnson's flat as it would have done to put sprinklers in Grenfell. Let that sink in.

RT @SkyeCitySeries: Jeremy Corbyn Tweets that we must stop the fascist Brexit Party. Alan Sugar Tweets in response, we must stop the socialist Corbyn, indicating he prefers fascism to socialism. Given neoliberalism is dead, it really boils down to: Which is the better way to run the UK?

RT @AnnaMcMorrin: 🍗Empty supermarket shelves 🚛 Acute shortages of workers ❌Border control chaos 👨‍👩‍👦Brexit forcing families to split A reckless lack of preparation by UK Govt has meant we’re all paying the real price of Johnson’s fairy tale Brexit. @BestForBritain

RT @LifeBuildings: 🔥🏢💔Thousands attending the leaseholders rally live now in Parliament Square. Great turn out. @LondonCAG @lvplcladiators @BorisJohnson @ukcag @LucyMPowell @EOCS_Official @NLC_2019 @SMcPartland @michaelgove @MikeAmesburyMP @libdemdaisy @MPIainDS

RT @emmadentcoad: @EOCS Parliament Sq 1pm today! While many protestors face financial ruin, let's remember the human cost of mental ill-health faced by those suffering trauma, unsafe and poor housing. Step up @michaelgove…

RT @MattWestern_: On the day the Union of Jewish Students contacted me regarding concerns the #FreeSpeechBill will increase antisemitism on campus, the Govt voted down Labour's Genocide Denial Amendment at bill committee. There you have it. The bill could protect Holocaust deniers. Shameful.

RT @MikeAdamsRCN: Frontline Healthcare workers continue to lose their lives from COVID19. @theRCN has repeatedly called for a review of PPE guidance as more is known about the virus. We shouldn’t have to keep escalating this issue to get a transparent response.…