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RT @AppgCoronavirus: It's unacceptable that key workers who got long Covid on the frontline are being left without financial support, with some now facing losing their home. A compensation scheme is needed so those who are unable to return to work are properly looked after.…

RT @TanDhesi: We cannot stand by in silence, in the face of forced evictions and the violent atrocities in occupied #Palestine. My letter to the Prime Minister:

I don't think there's been full transparency with the public about the reasons for conducting such an operation - and I certainly disagree with police time being used to prop-up the Home Office's hostile environment policies.

Tooting is a welcoming place for all. We reject this sort of behaviour. I've requested a meeting with the police to explain their actions and would encourage them to focus their time on fighting crime - not targeting people at work.

2/4 This looks like racial profiling and I am concerned that under the Equalities Act 2010, this may amount to indirect discrimination due to its disproportionate impact on ethnic minority groups. If it's not unlawful, then it's definitely immoral and I cannot defend it.

Today in Tooting, a Met Police Team were stopping fast food delivery drivers and checking immigration status under the guise of 'Covid compliance'. Covid compliance is crucial to stop the spread, but it doesn't explain why Immigration Enforcement were in attendance.

RT @TanDhesi: Concept of seva (selfless service) runs deep amongst the Sikhs, so was great to see Gurdwaras and charities procure concentrators to provide oxygen langar (free oxygen centres). As so many gasp to breathe, we must stand with India in its hour of need.…

RT @TanDhesi: Many of us are strong advocates for Palestinians, to stop them being forcibly evicted from their homes and demand an immediate end to the bloodshed. But for racists, parading as allies of #Palestine, to use this tragedy to fuel antisemitism and misogyny is utterly condemnable.

RT @Jonantz: This is a super piece of writing reflecting on some of the themes from a seminar led by @DrMarkTaubert a few weeks back. Video of the seminar also available in the link πŸ‘