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Former MP for Vauxhall 1989-2019 Now Baroness Hoey of Lylehill and Rathlin in the County of Antrim

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RT @darrengrimes_: BBC's Huw Edwards says it's “a nightmare” and “very tedious” to have had his salary disclosed by the corporation. Huw's large pay packet is funded by each of us watching live telly, with the threat of prison if we don't, we have a right to know how much we're handing over to you.

RT @UlsterTroubles: @IanMarshall_ @SuzyJourno @BelTel Do you still regard Sinn Fein as an ‘anti-sectarian’ party? If so, do you think the Unionist voters of Newry & Armagh will agree with you?

RT @Blackbirds1632: Don't believe them when they tell you we are not big enough or strong enough to survive in the world without EU. EU are a small part of global trade, a protectionist racket that is holding back UK in our ability to grow our international trade & our nations economic success.…

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) tweeted :

And some of the most influential pro Ni Union in GB are Catholic

RT @PoliticsForAlI: 🚨🚨 | BREAKING: Government official following major study showing AZ is very safe: “The European leaders who trashed the AstraZeneca vaccine have blood on their hands. We now know what we all suspected is true, that they did it out of spite for Britain because of Brexit”

RT @richardtgarland: The wording here is specific, the EU are happy for us to have a say on the implementation of the Protocol, but not on the Protocol itself.

RT @StaceyG38098536: It is not for you to dictate who should and shouldn't be heard.All this talk of an inclusiveNI yet politicians are continually calling for the exclusion of Loyalists.Whether u agree/disagree with views of the LCC they have a right to be heard just like the rest of us.

RT @StaceyG38098536: catching up on @StephenNolan extremely disappointed at the patronising and belittling tone from Nolan. Why are local initiatives/events about embracing culture, having a strong identity, and being an assertive Unionist or Loyalist ridiculed?

RT @StaceyG38098536: Thoughtful and well written contribution from @mooreholmes24 👏👏 "Like a merry-go-round, Stormont only seems to keep spinning if Unionism pays the concession meter. There is only so long that approach can be sustained."