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Former MP for Vauxhall 1989-2019 Now Baroness Hoey of Lylehill and Rathlin in the County of Antrim

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RT @DouglasCecil5: Did someone ask for Dolphins?! Superpod of approx 150 Common Dolphins encountered on our crossing to Rathlin this afternoon 🐬🐬🐬 @bbcniweather @barrabest @angie_weather @WeatherCee @geoff_maskell @LoveBallymena @VisitCauseway @marinehotelni @mcsuk @IWDGnews @coolfm

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) retweeted @SurreyCCCSC :

RT @SurreyCCCSC: @Jason_Cobb @lambeth_council @surreycricket “Demolition of the existing Lock/Laker stand” - I knew this day would come, and I know it’s great progress for the club, but will shed a tear for the old stand when it goes. First spot I ever watched a Surrey game from.

RT @charlielindlar: RT @charlielindlar: Here's @KateHoeyMP on launching @labourleave, and why the EU is "corrosive to Labour and progressive values" https://t.…

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RT @Rich_1337: I worked 12 hour shifts every day for 28 day stints in 40 degrees in the desert in full PPE for less than you twats get paid. Then the one time we give you unambiguous, clear instructions in a referendum you do everything you can to NOT do your job.…

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) retweeted @WinterfellT :

RT @WinterfellT: So let me get this straight, MP's demanded Parliament be opened so that they could block No Deal. Now MP's want Parliament to be closed so that they can block a Deal.

RT @darrengrimes_: Sir Keir Starmer QC cannot bring himself to back Britain when we are criticised from overseas - in my view unjustifiably - would the Americans allow Canada to ban the import of meat to a US state? Of course not. In Starmer’s world Britain is *always* the problem.

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) retweeted @Jen4Scot :

RT @Jen4Scot: 20,000 Scots tear up London, singing, dancing and drinking. Sturgeon congratulates them. Meanwhile, she also tries to make it ‘illegal’ to go to Manchester and you are restricted at weddings and funerals. It’s long past time we stopped listening to this nonsense.

RT @darrengrimes_: The Joe Biden diplomatic corps, hundreds of them, haven't had to self isolate when arriving here. Don't forget folks! When you're travelling to the UK with the US President, you can't spread the virus!

RT @EricEnglebyDfc: @IrishMa88348067 @mooreholmes24 I take it you're not familiar with the area. It is on Wasteground in Tigersbay. People of the New Lodge won't be able to see it. But on another note we all know how internment Bonfire's in the New Lodge have went in recent years🙈

Kate Hoey (UKMPs) tweeted :

And on my visit to Sandy Row Boxing Club being welcomed by a Lambeg Drum was just brilliant