All deleted tweets from politicians

Former MP for Vauxhall 1989-2019 Now Baroness Hoey of Lylehill and Rathlin in the County of Antrim

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RT @BrendanChilton: RT @BrendanChilton: Cant believe the number of Labour colleagues cursing my stance in the #EUReferendum I'm not a bigot, a racist or nation…

RT @BrendanChilton: RT @BrendanChilton: I've been a lifelong supporter of the .@BBCNews but the totally biased and Pro EU approach really is wrong-'you're mean…

RT @BrendanChilton: The #SNP wanted #EU citizens in the U.K. to be able to vote in the #EUReferendum but they don’t want Scottish people living in the rest of the UK to have a vote in any future #indyref2 what a load of wollys...anyway Scotland decided to remain in the U.K so the issue is decided.

RT @BrendanChilton: I don’t agree with the #TrafalgarSquare #Antilockdown protests. I didn’t agree with the #BLM protests either. But why did the Police shut down the #Antilockdown protest but not the #BLM one? Law applied selectively?

RT @BrendanChilton: If a politician in Britain said “In Britain there should only be one community. The National community”...they would immediately be labelled far right and stoking hatred. In France, it is perfectly normal for an ultra centrist to use such a phrase.

RT @BrendanChilton: So Sir John Major said Britain is no longer a world power...yet the second call from newly elected US President was to the British Prime Minister. Of course we’re still a world power! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

RT @BrendanChilton: It is totally unnecessary to place all of Kent into tier 3. This will have a disastrous impact on business and individuals. The national debt is out of control. South Kent has very low cases and our hospitals are fine. People have followed the rules. Illogical decision.

RT @BrendanChilton: If the U.K. has spare vaccines of course we should help other nations. The priority nations should not be western countries- they should be those in the developing world, starting with the Commonwealth realms and members.

RT @BrendanChilton: Oh look our new German President and her new government enjoying a day out? Can someone refer me to the election where we voted for her? What power does she have over us again? To who is she accountable? How can we remove her?…