All deleted tweets from politicians

Sinn Féin MP for South Down - not 1 step back in the pursuit of Irish liberation. In my spare time I can be found chasing Down's 6th Sam! #AnDunAbú

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RT @HJJoyceEcon: I'm SICK of BS about Irish border. Outside single market, UK is OBLIGED under WTO most-favoured nation rules to have controls at ALL border crossings, except with countries it has free-trade deals with. NOT A MATTER OF 'WE DON'T WANT THEM, UP TO EU/ROI'. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM

@declanbrennan84 @Gazzel83 No not the 2000s, the 90s - think those league titles are worth 0.25 titles each until - the treble should also be reduced to a double - none of Andrew Cole’s goals scored as ‘Andy’ should count either... 😉

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

There is no hope for building a better world on a ‘business as usual’ platform - congrats to @JamaalBowmanNY

RT @RJFitzpatrick85: RT @RJFitzpatrick85: Stay safe out there and keep an eye on the vulnerable in our communities!

RT @RJFitzpatrick85: From the kingdom of Mourne to the kingdom of Kerry! I'm starting to think of switching alliances! Sorry @ChrisHazzardSF , but i might ask if @MartinFerrisTD needs more canvassers! Up the Kingdom! #anriocht

RT @RJFitzpatrick85: Great days craic doing the #chieftainswalk from Derry to Donegal to honour a great Irishman! beautiful part of the world, but its no South down!

RT @RJFitzpatrick85: Please retweet and share! We need to spread word of this great project! Just one retweet could make all the difference to someones life! @ChrisHazzardSF @sinnfeinireland @nmdcouncil @BetsyGraySF @BelfastLive

RT @RJFitzpatrick85: #bbcni have had wall to wall coverage of 11 men who lost a football match last night, but not a word about 11 men, 6 of whom died, shot by state agents in #Loughinisland #NoStoneUnturned

RT @ShelbyConnolly4: Tomorrow I’m voting @ChrisHazzardSF. I want an MP to stand up for my interests, represent me where it matters & defend my rights. Sinn Féin MP’s continuously do this. I want the GFA protected & I want a new & agreed Ireland - a prosperous Ireland. I want to reject Westminster.

RT @ShelbyConnolly4: Tomorrow people across the 26 counties will take to the polling stations to cast their votes. Hopefully voting for the long awaited change and progressive politics this country desperately needs. Ádh mór to all SF candidates!🇮🇪Been another great campaign to play my part in!❣️🗳