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Writer, Campaigner, Former MP & Shadow Climate Minister. Fighting inequality, watching Eastenders and dancing to The Cure.

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RT @Charlie533080: Thread. 1/ Afghan interpreter reality. Meet ‘A’. Awesome guy. Worked with me in Kandahar in 2007. But because he was employed on a ‘third party contract’ UK ruled him ineligible for protection in the UK. Yes, really….

RT @vonny_bravo: What is it going to take to convince people that 'not dead' is not equivalent to healthy and well? As someone still dealing with long COVID fallout 9 months on, it's infuriating to see this experience of the virus erased for the sake of pushing an anti-lockdown narrative.

RT @crowleyblab: Lots of voters for @scottishlabour @DaniRowley as we finish this round of canvassing and head back to base! 🌹 #VoteLabourToday 🌹

RT @benjmcdiarmid: My brother’s still missing and our family are so worried for him. Please contact the police using the details below if you have any information that could help us find Joel. He’s tall, has dyed blonde hair and wears a dark green parka jacket. Thank you for your help.

RT @Sams_Scotland: Insightful new report from our colleagues @samaritans on the impact of coronavirus & economic disruption on young adults in the UK. The report looks at the experiences of young adults, and what they need to feel better supported.

RT @EricaLennie: RT @EricaLennie: My beautiful bike has been stolen from Dixon Avenue. Hit me up if anyone sees it cutting about the south side. https://t.c…

RT @benfolley: @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson @Conservatives @UKLabour @DaniRowley @BBCr4today "We're listening to communities, something anyone aiming to form government should do - something Boris Johnson is not doing, he's listening to his friends in high places" - @DaniRowley on @BBCR4Today #fracking #banfracking

RT @ScotLabourMPs: Families with more than two children will lose up to £2,780 each year, per child that does not qualify. That might not seem like much to Cabinet ministers, but it will have a massive, detrimental impact on my constituents. @DaniRowley in #WestminsterHall debate on two-child cap.

RT @ScotLabourMPs: Closure of large employers like Crummock in #Midlothian reflects a failure of the free market. @scottishlabour will invest in Scotland's industrial strategy. @DaniRowley in #WestminsterHall debate on the future of the Scottish economy.

RT @ScotLabourMPs: Victims of heel-dragging and political point-scoring by @theSNP and @ScotTories are real people. @DaniRowley in Scottish Welfare Powers debate. #WestminsterHall