All deleted tweets from politicians

🌹Labour MP for #Tooting 🗣Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health 👩‍⚕️A&E Doctor 🏠Born & raised in Tooting 📧

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RT @JonAshworth: RT @JonAshworth: Tory Britain. But apparently a meal deal will fix it...…

In 2020, it is beyond comprehension that Gollies are still on sale. They are offensive and outdated. Please sign the petition to stop them being sold.

RT @joeIMEP: RT @joeIMEP: The more I hear from Rosena the more I like her, and not many people can claim to have that affect. She’s really good. #OLHus…

RT @RobbieO85: RT @RobbieO85: Canvassing in Tooting to get @DrRosena re-elected ✊◽◽ #RealChange

@KnutCrosswords @mrjamesob Read her last line. I’ve quoted it...

@TMJMcC @mrjamesob I’ve literally quoted the last line of her tweet

@supernaturalbro @mrjamesob Read the last line of her tweet. All I’ve done is quote it.

In April, when I asked the Health Minister to extend the self-isolation period beyond 7 days, this was her response: "Thanks very much but we are going to ignore your recommendation!" It was crass, and her urge to score a political point took over. It's cost lives.

RT @notfunnyelle: RT @notfunnyelle: me: i need to keep the cat off the counter gran: tinfoil me: that's craz- gran: tinfoil

RT @BenedictL_: @DrRosena is just a fabulous person honestly. I had an amazing convo with her about mental health provision in schools. All I'm gonna say is that we might work on this in the next few months. I'll keep y'all posted x