All deleted tweets from politicians

I am grateful to the people of Central Ayrshire for electing me as their @theSNP MP. I will do my best to serve all the people of this constituency.

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RT @jeanichol: I'd be very sorry to see Scotland leave the Union, but if I were a Scot watching #bbcqt, I'd be clamouring for IndyRef 2. The "will of the people" applies to them too, and their voices are routinely ignored in England. Shame on us.

RT @Jack2001M: RT @Jack2001M: @nickeardleybbc @RogueCoder250 I thought the Scotland office is now uk gov in Scotland, no?

Apart from UK wanting to 'have its cake and eat it', in #BrexitNegotiations, Mr Gove does not seem to understand concerns people have about the security and privacy of their data!

RT @christina014_: RT @christina014_: Literally sooo over this Jeremy Corbyn buzz. Anti-immigration, lies about single market & now slandering Scottish NHS -…

RT @Ayrshire13: Classic Philippa Whitford in full flow. Let's vote to keep her as Central Ayrshire MP. A strong voice for Troon, Prestwick, Irvine, Kilwinning area and surrounding villages.…

RT @Ayrshire13: RT @Ayrshire13: @Santibuesa @Dr_PhilippaW. The east coast fishing industry beginning to see through the Tory lies. @LapwingPD972 . https://…

RT @Ayrshire13:… Let get behind Dr Philippa Whitford's re-election campaign. Please contribute as much as you can afford and keep this women in the "House". Support her fight for the NHS, WASPI, Ayrshire jobs and against Brexit.@YesTroon @Dr_PhilippaW @ThepierT @TroonSNP