All deleted tweets from politicians

I’m delighted to have been re-elected as MP for Central Ayrshire and will do my best to assist constituents and work with local community groups and industries.

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RT @SE25A: @thomas_kp16 @Dr_PhilippaW @arichmondScot @Tezzerk54 @Ianblackford_MP It is mentioned by @GoodLawProject & @JolyonMaugham though! There are court cases in the pipeline. Give them a follow to find out more

RT @devisridhar: My take on school re-openings: best & safest way to open schools is with full suppression of COVID-19 & with consideration of local prevalence & transmission.

RT @devisridhar: Finally- insight into what is considered an 'acceptable' level of infections in the UK (1000/day) in this report from 20th May by the JBC. First time I've seen an actual #.…

RT @devisridhar: .@Adriel_KH_Chen on our @GlobalHealthGP team has been tracking positivity (# of people testing positive/ # of people tested) over weeks in Scotland. @TravellingTabby also has accessible stats. WHO says under 5% is decent, 1-2% is good.

RT @MaybeUMisheard: RT @MaybeUMisheard: @Martin1Williams They only know what’s happening two weeks ago. The figures are always two weeks behind ◽

RT @Col13584420: @Dr_PhilippaW @djnicholl It's not as if this government says one thing and does another is it? We all know where things are headed. I don't like it at all and I don't believe I'm alone.

RT @davdiy: Party with the most: Councillor's : SNP. MSP's :SNP MP's : SNP. MEP's : SNP. Scottish Membership: SNP. Scottish Government since 2007: SNP. Mandated by the Scottish people to represent and speak for them: SNP. YOU WERE SAYING?…

@CommonsFREU heard from @Feorlean of @scotgov and @wg_CounselGen regarding #UKInternalMarketBill. Despite differing views on UK constitution, both agreed re undermining of Devolution, inc pub health & environmental policies!