All deleted tweets from politicians

Dad, husband. Former Lab MP for Bury North. Founder @thealltogether Campaigner. Singer. Music and sports nut.

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James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

Best of Bury right here. Go on Gary lad @GNev2 Spot on.

James Frith (UKMPs) retweeted @tprstly :

RT @tprstly: RT @tprstly: Two teenagers get schooled by Phil Collins.

RT @sjsouthworth: Great to meet my dear friend Ummrana Farouk down at Burrs yesterday. We spent a couple of hours chatting to some of the Asian-heritage voters in Elton Ward & their support was amazing. Many thanks to you all for your warm welcome. @BuryNorthLabour @JamesFrith @BuryLabour

RT @oliverWwestwood: @JamesFrith Fantastic news. even thinking about closing it was the most ridiculous decision ever, well done James + campaigners. such a refreshing change to finally have an MP who bothers with this constitutes. Next on the list getting the maternity unit back open.

RT @JimmyStone_: Well done to the #cafc fans who travelled to Hale and confronted Chris Farnell today. People might find it uncomfortable, but Charlton Athletic are now 36 days away from expulsion from the EFL because the same men who destroyed Bury are destroying us.

RT @johnsmorton: @NLC_2019 @SMcPartland @Royston_Smith Confirmation that @JamesDalyMP will not be supporting leaseholders. Note that this response was not sent to me - I haven't had that courtesy. Of all the support he offered to my face back in January 2020, he's gone back on it all #BuildingSafetyCrisis @JamesFrith @BuryNorthLabour

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

Great to be on the doorstep today for @sjsouthworth and @BuryLabour ahead of May’s local elections. Susan is a brilliant local Cllr. A vote for her and Labour is to keep the good work going.

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

Can I suggest that those daily newsletters with a love of the pun in their subject header - inc. @LabourList, @NewStatesman, @redbox, @spectator et al that I get, consider 'Back to Black(board)' for tomorrow. You're welcome. #homeschooling2021

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

Stunning. Field, mates, beer, anyone?

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

So proud to have worked with @TysersEnt and wider Live music industry