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Former Labour Member of Parliament for Leigh. Labour and Co-operative party member.

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RT @superseveriano: Not one of my usual #newtonlewillows pictures, but this shows Plank Lane in #Leigh. I think everything in the picture is demolished now!

RT @superseveriano: 7 towns in the North West, and 16 nationally who scored lower than #newtonlewillows (which ranked medium priority) got prioritised for Town Deal funding over NLW due to @Conservatives and @RobertJenrick interfering in the selection process. Leigh (who has a Tory MP) got shafted.

RT @superseveriano: Huge thanks to @WishFmOfficial for having a quick chat with me just about our @NECG2012 and @NewtonFridge School Uniform Bank project. Hopefully will be in their bulletins tomorrow. And thanks to everyone so far for their support!

RT @superseveriano: @JoPlattLeigh have a read of this. I’m annoyed at NLW having a strong case and being ignored. But Leigh voted Tory on empty promises, had a stronger case than other places, and still got ditched and left out whilst other Tory places got preference.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @CllrCallaghan :

RT @CllrCallaghan: I think @JoPlattLeigh has been brilliant on @lbc. I think @ShelaghFogarty needs to lead the review into Labour! These interviews are illuminating.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @beeblebear :

RT @beeblebear: Tourette’s is hard. As I type this I’m blooming exhausted and my throat is in pain from a tic that’s lasted most of the day. And there are people out there who have to cope with a lot worse than I do. So if you fancy signing this petition, that’d be grand.

RT @superseveriano: @JoPlattLeigh @DannyFletcherUK @Ant4Ashton @bullen_jenny @Y_FovargueMP Borough lines and made up areas don’t matter to people. Ashton, Newton, Leigh are all towns in their own right with their own identity. And there’s nowt wrong with respecting that. They don’t struggle when it comes to Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner for example! It’s ignorance.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @mikeriddell62 :

RT @mikeriddell62: It is, isn’t it. My wife works at a college in Warrington - told me that people who don’t normally talk politics, were talking about those MPs that didn’t back the vote. Same goes in Stoke. Apparently Jo Gideon was made to resign as Trustee of a children’s charity as a result.

Jo Platt (UKMPs) replied to @dustybun1 :

@dustybun1 I know to my detriment ◽

Jo Platt (UKMPs) retweeted @PrideInLeigh :

RT @PrideInLeigh: There’s a great team behind ‘Pride in Leigh’ good people who are working to put our town on the map as a place that’s celebrates our differences and everything that’s makes us brilliant. The heart of a town is not always the centre. @SpinnersMill #LoveLeigh #LGBTQ ❤️🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🙌