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Mum, Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Leigh. Also PPS to the Shadow Education team. Email

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RT @barberous007: RT @barberous007: @JoPlattMP outlining the importance of a whole system approach to education. Wrap services around our schools. Powerful s…

RT @WiganandLeighYC: RT @WiganandLeighYC: Great to hear from @JoPlattMP today pledging her continued support of the work we do in #Leigh #youngcarers

RT @WiganandLeighYC: Great to hear that our MP @JoPlattMP is attending this debate, ensuring that #youngcarers across #Leigh are represented 👍…

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RT @long_covid: Tonia Antoniazzi: "Long Covid is very real. Colleagues and former colleagues from this house, inc @JoPlattLeigh has been a great campaigner on the issue, the online support groups has been a lifeline" #LongCovidCommonsDebate @AppgCoronavirus @march_change

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This ◽

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RT @DrFrancesRyan: We can talk about who the Tories paid for the child food boxes. We can talk about private firms profiteering off poverty. And we should. But I just keep thinking about the mum unpacking it - humiliated asking for help, and realising she still won’t be able to feed her kids.

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RT @JoPlattLeigh: @CGreenUK Really angry at articles such as this & disappointed that you share its contents with the insinuation that we’re over reacting. We have a lockdown for a reason. It’s not just hospitalisation or death! It’s debilitating for the 1/10 dealing with long term #longcovid symptoms.

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RT @jburnmurdoch: NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is "it’s no different to a bad flu season!" I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter compares to a bad flu season 📹

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RT @JoPlattLeigh: RT @JoPlattLeigh: *bottle of