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Labour & Co-op Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Shadow Fisheries, Flooding and Water Minister and a big fan of cake. #LukeMP

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RT @SpenceLivermore: This is a lie. The Government’s own figures show that leaving the EU’s Single Market will reduce U.K. GDP by 6.7%, while free trade agreements with the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership *combined* will increase U.K. GDP by just 0.2%.…

Luke Pollard MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Very fitting and appropriate - it has my full support

RT @paulwaugh: RT @paulwaugh: Yes, the new department's acronym FCDOff does sound like FuckedOff.

RT @DrRosena: RT @DrRosena: If you share anything today, share this. Read the caption.

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The Sun’s front page today is disgusting. It gives a platform to an abuser to boast about domestic violence. It legitimises the actions of abusers and will cause huge pain to victims of domestic abuse. This isn’t a scoop or an exclusive - it’s just profoundly wrong.

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Today is #WorldOceansDay plastic and a chance for us to celebrate our magnificent and fragile seas and oceans and also an opportunity for us to recommit to their future protection. I spoke to @SkyNews about this this morning 👇

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"There is more than enough food for everyone to eat three nutritious meals a day: this is not a crisis of food supply, but a crisis of poverty." @LukePollard has written for @LabourList on his priorities as Shadow Environment Secretary.…

RT @Tim_Roache: It's a scandal when potholes get more than pupils. I don't know how the Government have the cheek to say austerity is over then deliver this budget with a straight face. The public simply will not buy it. #Budget2018

RT @Tim_Roache: Absolutely on the money @OwenSmith_MP Thank you for your support of our #backBombardier members. Now let's see May do the same @GMB_union…

Luke Pollard MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Fair question by Labour’s new Defence Secretary. ◽