All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour Member of Parliament for ‘Warwick & Leamington’, Whitnash & Villages. Shadow Minister HE. Arsenal fan. Covid issue go to

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Great to be with Dan, Greg and Caroline - and the whole team - for the opening of the new Chip Shed in Swan Street. A real jewel in the Warwick crown.

RT @DailyMirror: RT @DailyMirror: Deaf woman wins compensation over lack of sign language at Covid briefings…

Two years on and the editor @EveningStandard is asking can we trust Johnson .. The jury is out? Self-isolating possibly.. But I’m pretty sure its readers know the answer

RT @MattWestern_: Death rates per million people (full vax rates): 🇬🇧 1914(50%) 🇩🇪 1095(39%) 🇮🇱 710(60%) 🇯🇵 117(10%) 🇰🇷 39(14%) Guess which nation is about to scrap face masks. Surely it’s critical face masks should be worn in shops & on public transport. @Unite @GMB When will the Govt learn?

RT @MattWestern_: Last night I voted against the #PoliceCrackdownBill. Protest is a democratic right and this Government must never take that away. Clearly, it is more concerned about protecting statues and criminalising protest than it is about giving justice to rape victims.

RT @MattWestern_: I stood with local campaigners to celebrate the 73rd birthday of our precious NHS. We also spoke against the privatisation of NHS services - and insist the Leamington Megalab should be NHS-operated. Thank you also to NHS staff - the true heroes of the pandemic #NHSBirthday

RT @MattWestern_: Afraid I have absolutely no faith in Lord Bethell either. Whole MegaLab project has been done in secrecy.. it’s been like getting water out of a stone…

RT @MattWestern_: Is the Govt really prepared to sacrifice a man's life over a trade deal? UK citizen Jagtar Singh Johal faces death after being arbitrarily detained and allegedly tortured in India. After four years, the Govt must finally demand his safe return. #FreeJaggiNow

RT @MattWestern_: PPE SCANDAL CONFIRMED. Academics found upgrading PPE for NHS staff to FFP3-grade cut Covid transmission down to ZERO cases in one hospital. Without FFP3, staff 47X MORE LIKELY to contract the virus. For 18 months, NHS staff have not had proper #PPE. It must be sorted now.…

The only ‘protective ring’ Hancock created during the pandemic was around his staff member. Shame he didn’t spend more time on his day job - he could have saved my constituents’ lives He’s broken his own rules after failing to protect us. This must be the final straw. #Resign