All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @PaddyLillisGS: Our message to the #Government is clear. Do not turn your backs on the people who kept this country going through a national crisis. The lowest paid workers need a decent pay rise #NewDeal4Workers #Time4BetterPay…

Mike Amesbury MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Today is a significant milestone for the campaign for #Leasehold justice. I welcome this enforcement action by the CMA, something that the @uklabour and @nlc have been calling for - Leasehold homes: CMA launches enforcement action… -

RT @dlisterphoto: Coming soon, to your local beauty spot... a load more houses at jacked up prices that divide the haves from the have nots even further...

RT @Benpowelluk: RT @Benpowelluk: Have to say that working for a doctors trade union and seeing it all up close, I'm in awe of NHS staff at the moment.

RT @Benpowelluk: RT @Benpowelluk: How are the people with 240 eggs and 600 loo rolls doing? Which ran out first?

RT @Benpowelluk: The landlord of my local has been going into work every day since lockdown began to cook dinner for everyone in the community who cant cook for themselves. Not sure who we chat to about knighthoods, but I'd stick Paddy on the list.

RT @OfficiallyLT: @MikeAmesburyMP Well said @MikeAmesburyMP I was on LBC earlier today speaking about this, I have written a letter which has been sent by around 200 people in this situation. Feel free to pass it on or in fact email @RishiSunak as you may get a response! #newstarterfurlough

RT @Benpowelluk: "We've never heard of them" is something we hear too often as a complaint about MPs who don't pursue national acclaim. Andrew was a quiet rebel, who fought patiently and who won. Agency and temporary workers everywhere owe their rights to him above anyone. A great man.

RT @Benpowelluk: RT @Benpowelluk: I think that passengers would quite like their journeys to be affected.