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Recovering Labour & Co-op MP for Glasgow North East and Shadow Scotland Office Minister. Former shipbuilder. Omnipresent Glasgow heritage defender.

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@paulmasonnews It's a moot point. The issue of #indyref2 was settled by the Tories winning an 80 majority on 13 December 2019 after an election facilitated by the SNP and Liberal Democrats. Labour should focus of developing its constitutional reform plans for a 2024 Govt, centred on federation.

@JohnMcGlynn @johnmcternan If that is the case, why was the scheme extended from Talinn to cover the entire country in 2018? Perhaps my friend @adamrangpr can offer some insight.

RT @SpringburnWG: We've been running guided walking tours of Springburn Park and the Winter Gardens for @GlasgowDOD every year since 2013. Whilst we are sad it can't go ahead this year we're also really looking forward to producing some virtual events on Springburn's built heritage this September!

@ochkenny @ewangibbs I should also add that it was a disgrace that the distillery tower wasn't listed for preservation instead of demolished in 2017. It was a unique industrial structure in Scotland.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @ewangibbs :

@ewangibbs Poignant too as it ultimately locked the site into a low value chain production system that became vulnerable to offshoring, as it ultimately did with PC divestment to Lenovo in 2005. Evolution into higher value segments like software development was hamped by a lack of autonomy.

RT @LauraSmithCrewe: Although most I served when I worked behind bars and waited on were sound, I was also spat at, pushed, groped and verbally abused. One of the worst was a best man who licked my hand when I was carrying plates. If you’re going to the pub today don’t be an idiot-be kind to staff.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @JimSnell14 :

@JimSnell14 You've reminded my to book an appointment with my barber!

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @JimSnell14 :

@JimSnell14 Why not?

@dmccafferty49 @Torcuil The logical conclusion of your statement is effectively advocating for a one party state, with no questioning of the Government's decisions. My suggestion is perfectly reasonable and is applicable to both the UK and Scottish Governments.