All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour & Co-op Parliamentary Candidate for the Glasgow Region #SP21. Former MP and Shadow Minister. Former shipbuilder. Trustee @GlasgowHeritage, @SpringburnWG.

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Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) retweeted @GMB_union :

RT @GMB_union: The reality of what British Gas has done. Across the country vans being collected from engineers and brought to various sites. It didn't have to be this way.

RT @UKDefJournal: In a series of fantastic images captured by @PaulJSweeney of HMS Glasgow in build at night, progress on the first in class frigate is very clear to see.…

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @GRLangford :

@GRLangford Formed new state corporation to take custody of the assets and formed an employee and state co-operative to operate them. Use state investment to develop an electric arc furness at Dalzell works to rebuild integrated steel production plant in Motherwell; a Scottish mini-mill.

RT @Mike_Blackley: SNP MP under fire for condemning rival for asking question about Church of England’s commemoration of the First World War centenary.

RT @Mike_Blackley: The Scottish Government has (finally) admitted it did hand gagging orders to bosses at the former Ferguson shipyard - but still refuses to say how much they have cost taxpayers. It initially denied the existence of these deals.

RT @Mike_Blackley: RT @Mike_Blackley: Was @andywightman also ‘obsessed with the idea of winning a political scalp’, @patrickharvie?

@Onestepfromlost It intended to be a mischievous observation teasing their sudden change of heart about Angus Macfadyen's impersonation of Robert the Bruce.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @daddymedin :

@daddymedin That's a fair point, though it shows that the processes are adversarial rather that collaborative. We need a better constitutional architecture. The current interactions are dysfunctional, mainly due to orchestrated political antagonism between St Andrews House and Whitehall.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) tweeted :

Remember when all those SNP and Green MPs and MSPs were whipping up outrage because Cineworld and other cinema chains weren't screening Angus MacFadyen's (universally panned) Robert the Bruce film in 2019? I wonder if they still harbour such fervour today?…

RT @LabourDrugRef: Coming this Thursday: How PCC's can make a difference on drug policy. Chair: @JeffSmithetc Panel: @JermainJackman @niamhrelease @WestMidsPCC @CllrLolaOyewusi & @BenTwomeyUK Tickets going fast!…