All deleted tweets from politicians

Chief Whip for the @ScotTories in Holyrood. MSP for Central Scotland. Former MP for Stirling.

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RT @ElizaEdNews: RT @ElizaEdNews: The PM just accidentally bowled over a kid while playing soccer in Tassie. @9NewsAUS

RT @EdwardLeighMP: We had an excellent (and historic) debate on Ministry of Defence estimates last night. Consensus among Tories, Labour, SNP, and Liberals we need to improve the Defence of the Realm.…

Stephen Kerr MSP (UKMPs) tweeted :

The SNP think so poorly of their performance in Council they've need to district people by talking about the UK Govt, the PM, Indyref2, "Sending a message" - anything to get away with the mess they've made with local authorities. You know what to do on May 5th #SNPOut

Stephen Kerr MSP (UKMPs) tweeted :

The SNP's latest desperate effort to convince their core vote to back them in the local elections- invoking their sacred Indyref2- seems to ring hollow. Scots aren't daft, they know who cut council budgets, and who forced council tax up.

RT @JournoStephen: RT @JournoStephen: A thread about the Scottish Parliament, the rules and whether they matter. 1/

RT @ClaireMackie19: Thank you @RealStephenKerr. This is truly an honour to represent @s_falkirk & The Community Pavilion - fighting fuel poverty in the area, and the long-term issue of low quality housing

RT @HolyroodRugby: Statement: Holyrood Rugby are in mourning following the tragic passing of David Hill during our Parliamentary game against @DailandSeanadXV. David was an architect of the revitalised Holyrood RFC, a great team-mate and tourist & of course, a man who loved his rugby. 1/2

RT @PeterChapmanMSP: Our offices got vandalised last night and were covered in swearing and symbols of hate. Police will waste hours that could have been spent keeping people safe. This is the true, unvarnished face of nationalism.

RT @BenjaminKerr1: RT @BenjaminKerr1: The SNP and ferries. A tragic tale of incompetence and, well, even more incompetence.

RT @BenjaminKerr1: 600k people on NHS waiting lists and the first thing the @scotgov choose to present to parliament is their desire for independence. @theSNP and @scottishgreens don’t care about people. They care about their projects.