All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP Canterbury, Whitstable, the villages. Chair, Women's PLP. @5050Parliament.Member: UNISON, GMB, CWU, Co-op, JLM, OpenLab.

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Rosie Duffield MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Inspirational @jacindaardern As ever, the UK looks on in envy.... (At least my lucky children have dual NZ/UK nationality!).

RT @matthaig1: I forget that some people on here just want to be angry at you for having an opinion they don’t quite share. Let them be angry at whatever fictional version of you they have in your mind and then get on with your day.

RT @HealthPsych4U: Women have the right to call themselves women, discuss what it means to be a woman and reflect on the myriad ways biology shapes their experiences. It does not mean they deny others similar rights.

Rosie Duffield MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

One of the best things to happen in Dec 19 GE was election of @NadiaWhittomeMP She is merely stating the need for reasoned, mature, nuanced and thoughtful debate over reactionary, bullying, snap words designed to score points instantly. We don't all have to agree with each other!

RT @FelicityHannah: With the 2 child benefit limit back in the news, here is the most devastating interview I ever carried out. My case study essentially lost her right to choose.…

RT @LukePollard: At the Trade Bill tonight, I'll be voting for Parliament to have proper scrutiny over our future trade deals. We need to make sure that British farmers aren't undercut by cheap imports from abroad, putting rural jobs at serious risk

Rosie Duffield MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

This times a thousand. Thanks @jessphillips x

RT @AlexNorrisNN: The #Cumberlege review shows that patients' concerns were dismissed, overlooked, and ignored for decades. I welcome the fact that this has now been recognised and that @MattHancock has apologised on behalf of the NHS. (2/4)…

RT @canterburycc: @gnomee60 @_katherine_may_ @RosieDuffield1 A 48 hour dispersal order for Whitstable came into force nine minutes ago - see…

RT @YoungLabour4FS: We’re doing a canvassing sesh this Saturday to get the fantastic @RosieDuffield1 re-elected 🎉 So please DM if you’d like to join us for a wee campaign trip to Canterbury - should be a great day! 🌹