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MP for Barnsley East |Shadow Environment Minister |Parli Chair of @hopenothate |Member @CommonsNIAC Constituent enquiries:

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RT @ProfKarolSikora: I've spent decades trying to improve cancer awareness and encourage people to get symptoms checked. Countless times a life has been saved because they came early enough. It's a repetitive message, I'm sorry for that, but catching cancer early is just so important.

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

This week I challenged the Chancellor on his plans to support Barnsley East this winter. He admitted that the Govt are balancing lives and livlihoods. We shouldn’t have to choose. Seven months into this crisis and still the Govt have no clear plan.…

RT @LabourVault: On this day 23 years ago, Labour won the 1997 general election ended 18 years of Tory rule in with a landslide. Here are most of the Labour gains compiled in a short video ⤵️

RT @laurafleur: Quite the contrast to the BBC’s “abortion is a contentious issue” stance from The Times there, who rightly point out that those with serious objection are very much the minority…

RT @SteveArnottAC12: RT @SteveArnottAC12: Me seeing but ignoring all the clues that Hastings is bent. #LineOfDuty

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

As @UKLabour's Shadow Fisheries Minister I spoke in yesterday's #FisheriesBill. We called on the Tories to live up to their promises to voters, fishers & coastal areas. It's time the Govt. followed through on its commitments & delivered more jobs +better environmental protections

RT @Steph_Peacock: We continue to live in uncertain and worrying times, but together we will get through it. I have compiled a list of contacts for local and national organisations that might be helpful and can provide support to our community.

RT @syptweet: We are asking anyone who drove along the M1, between J31 and J33, on Sunday (13 Sept) at around 8pm to contact us - especially those with dash cam footage. Enquiries are underway after a woman sadly died after reportedly falling from a bridge.…

RT @wesstreeting: I’m sure now the record has been set straight @NadineDorries @JamesCleverly @aliciakearns @BBradley_Mans @RicHolden @robertcourts and others will want to do the same and do the right thing by @NadiaWhittomeMP.

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

I met with @NatInfraCom to discuss flood prevention & defences. Last year, businesses & homes across South Yorkshire, and the rest of the country, were devastated by floods.…