All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Colne Valley. Former Headteacher . Member of the Education Select Com. PPS to John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor

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RT @FurnessJacko: RT OYFtheBook: RT CommonsEd: Today we launched an inquiry into the children's social care workforce. 🔎Find out more about the inquiry, including the terms of reference here: halfon4harlowMP lucyallan marionfellows

RT @PhilipProudfoot: RT @PhilipProudfoot: Are you supporting The Northern Independence Party in the Wakefield by-election? Just answer YES or NO ◽

RT @LeftUnityParty: Thelma Walker @Thelma_DWalker #PAL speaking at our meeting tonight about the tasks facing the British left & how we can learn from #NUPES in France. We are recording it and will put up links to the recording over the next few days.

RT @intofilm_edu: RT @intofilm_edu: I’m voting for 'Samosa in Space' to win the 'Audience Choice Award' at the 2022 #IntoFilmAwards

RT @KenHolmes10: @BritainElects Remember when Tony Benn said of Neil Kinnock, ‘he sacrificed every principle he ever had and still lost’? Well, here we are again.

RT @David__Osland: RT @David__Osland: Genuine question. Has there been a single unambiguously pro-republican tweet from a Labour MP these last four days?

RT @JosieLong: RT @JosieLong: I want people who revere her to be aware of what her politics actually is

@siennamarla Can’t wait for the progressive education policies do drop◽