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MP for Gedling and Shadow Minister of State for Policing

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RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Today @grayrayner retires from 32 years public service as a police officer! Thanks for all you do

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: @MrCliveC @Vernon_CoakerMP @YvettecooperMP absolutely. Cameron, Herbert and May are very weak when it comes to Policing

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: RT @YvetteCooperMP: Why Parliament should reject US style elected police chiefs; my article in tomorrow's @guardian ht ...

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Before the election Nick Clegg promised 3000 extra police officers - yet 16,000 front line officers are now losing the ...

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: The Home Sec needs to take a step back & actually listen to what police officers & Chiefs are trying to tell her. #noc ...

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Tories are 'supposed' to be the party of law and order yet they are cutting 16,000 front line police officers! #Protec ...

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: RT @YvetteCooperMP: Best way to spend over £100m? 43 political police chiefs or 2,000 police constables?

Vernon Coaker (UKMPs) retweeted @huwbbc :

RT @huwbbc: Our debt to coal miners must never be forgotten. On 22 September 1934 at Gresford Colliery, Wrexham, an explosion killed 266 men and boys.

Vernon Coaker (UKMPs) tweeted :

Absolutely right so let’s get it done!