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@StephenNolan Any 24 hour supermarket will have them. They will take a while to kick in alas. If v inflamed, you may need an antibiotic as a reaction to a bite can quickly lead to that (i have much experience as I am allergic to many insect bites inc mosquitos...)

@Meshgirlni @orlaithiflynnsf @roybeggs We are here to support you, no one can take away the pain your all have suffered but I will do all I to support you - glad this now has been considerably brought forward in recognition of the importance of this for victims of mesh

@Conor_Devine Remain to be convinced! Not sure I could do this either - I do try a relatively low carb approach but that means lots of chicken, other meat, cheese...and milk in my many coffees! Would be a major overhaul! How long have you being doing plant based?

RT @barbaramccann1: Found this nervous wee dog on its own in Hillsborough, County Down. No collar. Doesn’t trust me yet to take to Vet to c…

Fantastic to visit Scribbles Playschool in their new & expanded facilities in Taugmonagh Healthy Living Centre, funded by the Social Investment Fund - a long time in development, but excellent to see the group enjoying th much improved space & facilities! 🤹‍♂️🤹‍♀️🙌!!

RT @little_pengelly: @sbrrof Sorry you feel the need to be petty. "Feigns"? I fought for & got the scheme extended for 6 months bringing ap…

RT @HamiltonAoife: Great to have support of @little_pengelly on this issue, Childcare Vouchers are a vital form of support for families. Pa…

It has been a busy week back at westminster and out & about, I did not have time to post much on social media! Over the weekend I will be posting up the activities & info inc. - NI questions - Civil Liabilty Bill - Upskirting Bill Along with the meetings in the constituency!

RT @little_pengelly: Stormont could be back tomorrow, but SF must turn up to make this happen - SF need to get up, get to work & do their j…

RT @diarmuid182: Primark burning down is a sad day for Belfast no joke