All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MP for Motherwell & Wishaw; Westminster spokesperson for Disabilities; mother and granny; SNP Trade Union Group and SNP CND member.

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Marion Fellows MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

SCOTLAND ENTERS PHASE 3 As of tomorrow, Scotland will move into Phase 3 of lockdown easing. See below for more on what that means for you and businesses.

RT @WidelyRecycled: No matter your reasoning for voting for them, a vote for Scottish Labour will be seen as your endorsement of the UK, not just by the press, but by those in both Labour and the Tories.

Marion Fellows MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

I don't mind admitting I cried at this. Sometimes a wee greet helps. Stay strong folks.

RT @nlcpeople: Our staff have been working really hard on plans for the return of schools in August and we’d like to tell you about them and the guidance and principles we are using. 1/8

RT @RorySteel94: RT @RorySteel94: Tories voting for Labour cllr for Provost in NLC. Labour have sold out and are holding onto power with Tories. Shameful.

RT @RorySteel94: RT @RorySteel94: Leader of NLC Tories getting a nice convenership for propping up Labour at NLC. #BackroomCoalition

RT @RorySteel94: If you think private schools are going to stop offering scholarships and their services to less fortunate students due to losing rates relief, that means 1. they weren't doing it out the goodness of their heart and 2. that they were doing it to justify not paying tax. #ScotBudget

RT @RorySteel94: Ever tried to discuss free healthcare with an American that's against it? It catches you off guard. It's like trying to explain that fire is hot. It's so obvious, but you just don't know where to start.

RT @RorySteel94: If you want independence, the only option in #GE19 is the SNP. If you want an end to Tory rule forever; long lasting progress; and a government that won't sideline the interests and will of Scotland, it has to be the SNP. We have the chance again and we must take it. #VoteSNP

RT @RorySteel94: Sturgeon outlining that SNP MPs will deal with Labour to end austerity and get #indyref2. All opponents to the Tories and supporters of independence must #VoteSNP. Voting SNP delivers both. Voting Labour undermines Scotland's right to choose our own future. #bbcqt