All deleted tweets from politicians

Proud to be the MP for #Redditch. Minister for the Future of Transport and Decarbonisation. Please send casework to Be polite.

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@worcscc has set out a detailed plan to respond to the next stages of dealing with Covid-19. The Outbreak Control Plan sets out the protocols & actions necessary to respond to an outbreak & to prevent outbreaks from happening. You can read it here 👇…

Ahead of the Prime Minister's speech in the #WestMidlands - a clear sign we'll be at the heart of @BorisJohnson's 'New Deal' - I spoke to @bbchw this morning about the investment we need to see in #Redditch to enable us to bounce back from the impact of this pandemic.

RT @ThorpeThomas94: I started out sceptical of any of the potential Conservative leaders. I’m now without doubt that @michaelgove is the man for the job, to take our country forward. He has my full support, and is exactly where my vote will be going. He’s ready to lead. #Gove4PM

On #ReservesDay I want to celebrate and thank the men & women of our Armed Services who serve in the Reserves, especially the 37th Signal Regiment in #Redditch. Thank you for all that you do & for keeping us safe 🇬🇧

A big thank you to Fiona from @CarersCareline for sending me this video for #VolunteersWeek. Carers Careline are continuing to do amazing work in #Redditch - and this pandemic hasn't stopped them. Thank you for all that you're doing 👏

RT @CllrMussell: @Conservatives @redditchrachel Twice cancer has taken me on, gave it a black eye with a swift goodbye and don’t bother me again, all with help of amazing staff in the NHS. But I repeatedly asked how can I be a nurse and a Tory . Easy it’s because I am an nurse with 40 years I am a Tory and a Cllr too

RT @RB_CCG: A reminder that the Healthcare Navigation Scheme is now up and running across Redditch and Bromsgrove GP surgeries. Find out more at…

Awe inspiring to the astronauts make history. As DFT minister for space I’m eager to take advantage of the opportunity provided by space exploration in the UK 🇬🇧 in the near future. 🚀 🚀 #LaunchAmerica @NASA #space