All deleted tweets from politicians

Independent Assembly Member for South West Wales

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RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: Make no mistake: Farage won it for Johnson | Darren Loucaides…

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: After the horror of the murder of Jo Cox, to see commentators making light of the threat to @paulnuttallukip is worrying.

RT @GawainTowler: Oh my, how could that have happened, who could have predicted it. Leo Varadkar unleashes fury at EU crunch summit as he slams 'unacceptable' budget demands

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: Another day another sold out rally for the @brexitparty_uk this time Frimley in Surrey.

RT @GawainTowler: The palpable rage amongst Labour voters in Port Talbot and across South Wales is eye opening. There is an optimistic option, the @brexitparty_uk…