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RT @IRLPatricia: RT @IRLPatricia: If the DUP had just agreed last week to what they agreed to this week, then by next week we would be coming out and not ju…

RT @DerbyChrisW: KEN: IN HIS OWN WORDS Ken Livingstone's achievements as GLC leader, MP and Mayor of London made him an icon of the British Left. In this must-watch interview, he reflects on his political life and speaks candidly about the past five years.

RT @RjRozelaar: Ken Livingstone is the most successful genuinely socialist, even “populist”, U.K. politician in history. I think we can all agree he had the interests of Londoners at heart, bettered life, was fearless and competent, even visionary in office. My kind of politician. Check this! 👇

Biden continues where Trump left off. Whoever is the White House nothing changes. The US continues to be an anti-democratic, imperialist empire that poses a threat to peace around the world. Viva Venezuela 🇻🇪…

RT @JimSlaven: Enjoyed chatting to @molloy1916 for the latest episode of @AllHailToThePod. We discuss his new novel, Brexit, the DUP, republicanism & more. Available now 🎙 Join the Pod> Links>…

From today, every resident in Manchester will be able to contact a named neighbourhood beat officer and PCSO. Visit, enter your postcode and click on the ‘Your Team’ tab on the ward page. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to reach your local team.

RT @DoubleDownNews: Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali 🎉 Never forget: at height of success, Ali was one of the most hated men in America. In words of friend Malcolm X: “If you're not careful, newspapers will have you hating people who are being oppressed & loving people who are doing the oppressing"

RT @irishgooner49: RT @irishgooner49: Only 50 minutes get to your polling station and vote #SinnFein @gildernewmp

RT @GingerGeekCraig: @DerbyChrisW Dear Chris I'm hoping you read this. I'm a proud Socialist & my family needs help. Please can you RT our struggle to survive every single day on zero support by this Government…