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RT @UmaarKazmi: Lmao. I'm sorry that people were fooled by this fake 'progressive' when they should have been behind Bernie Sanders. I won't say that Tulsi Gabbard showed her true colours in the end, because she had already shown them plenty of times beforehand.

Conor Burns (unknown) tweeted :

Thanks to @KJoshi108 for looking after me today when I had my Covid jab. Team from Westminster and Chelsea Hospital, the St John’s Ambulance volunteers and the door keepers of the magnificent @wabbey were all wonderful. When you get the call get the jab!

.@Mindcharity want to find out how people with mental health problems are feeling and coping now, so they can provide the right support for you. If you would like to take part in their survey and share your experience, click here:

RT @UnityNewsIndie: RT @UnityNewsIndie: #Shell7 in court ! Please share and support them ◽ Via @RealMediaGB

RT @Pal_action: Breaking: Palestine Actionists double-occupy Israel's Elbit again; break inside the Oldham factory and occupy its Bristol HQ #ShutElbitDown

RT @TheFigen: RT @TheFigen: Wow great! King of the ocean? ◽

Great opportunity to community groups to engage with @HeritageFundNI tomorrow night, booking is essential.

RT @depressionnote: Some people with depression • can’t get out of bed, some can • can’t keep a job, some can • can’t eat, some can • can’t stop eating, some can • take medication, some don’t The list goes on.. Depression manifests differently in everyone. Please stop stereotyping.

RT @fiach_jah: @Motherfocloir My mother's granny from Tyrone spoke Irish according to the 1911 census records. This map of Irish speaking population aged 60 and over from the same census tells a similar story!

RT @sanepolitico: “No Irish, No Gays” banner on bridge over the M1 this morning, before exit for Moira/International airport. Combined with anti - migrant event in Ballymena, we are indeed living in troubling times. We must be clear - #RejectXenophobia #RejectRacism #RejectHomophobia