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Linguiste, néodémocrate, geek, Québécoise et Canadienne. Députée du comté de Louis-St-Laurent 2011-2015 • Member of Parliament for Louis-St-Laurent 2011-2015

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RT @ZoeSTodd: When I got a PhD offer in Scotland, my then white advisor said to my face: ‘you should give that scholarship up, someone else deserves it more than you’ to talk me out of doing the PhD. I remember leaving the meeting and calling my mom, who was horrified at the gaslighting.

RT @drmattdambrosio: RT @drmattdambrosio: @joss @ParkerMolloy This year To save it from fears I'll leave locked up in the bunker

RT @ZoeSTodd: Trudeau is the guy in your grad school seminar who stole other people’s ideas and repackaged them for his PhD application. (His performance, like that guy’s thesis, are as underwhelming as you’d expect). THEY STILL GET HIRED THO, amiright?

RT @ZoeSTodd: I met Michael Ignatieff once (‘08?). I went to thank him after a talk in Edmonton & he barely listened to what I was saying, scanning the room for more important people to talk to. I met Jack Layton in 2006. He spent a few minutes chatting with us & told a story about his wedding

RT @ZoeSTodd: to all my friends -- i'm so sorry. please let me know if you need anything. this is the worst of all possible verdicts. This will not be the end of collective transformation of the structures that get us to this point.

RT @ZoeSTodd: RT @ZoeSTodd: this is an incredible and important thread on neoimperialism, white veganism, and food…

RT @ZoeSTodd: There's a certain kind of Canadian gloating at Indigenous people right now -- ones who preach about 'colourblind legal systems'. There's another kind -- the kind you can be, if you choose -- the kind that will support the families mourning their murdered children. #JusticeforTina

@AMacGregor4CML Liberals right before every election: NDP voters absolutely must vote Liberal if we don't want our country to fall into ruins Liberals right after every election: The NDP did so bad in the poll, what a shame, they really should just give up 🤷‍♀️

RT @Dom_Arseneau: Il est 15h20 et je ne vois aucun article francophone sur ce sujet dans les médias québécois.. c'est grave. Le gars est associé à des néo-nazis meurtriers - on l'a vu dans le documentaire de Vice à Charlottesville... Allez gang. #Franchement #polqc…

RT @GeorgeNDP: RT @GeorgeNDP: Monsef keeps repeating and repeating in #QP that opposition should put forward dem reform suggestions. Um...…