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100T Ceice (unknown) tweeted :

I think I should see a doctor, feeling worse everyday even on allergy medication. This

RT @00flour: i'm at the point where i have fanboys now.. @CeiceTV @ripLogan

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RT @00flour: $2500 @Bebo_Official Tournament tomorrow with @Ceice at 3pm Est #Juan

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RT @kenith: trying to gas this nerd to 10k real quik…

100T Ceice (unknown) tweeted :

native res really hittin different

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RT @Ceice: Doing the last Geo Hoodie after this game come now…

100T Ceice (unknown) tweeted :

Doing the last Geo Hoodie after this game come now

100T Ceice (unknown) tweeted :

giving away the last windbreaker now!

100T Ceice (unknown) tweeted :

doing windbreaker giveaway now :D