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MP Kaipara ki Mahurangi electorate. Authorised by Chris Penk, 365 Main Road, Huapai

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RT @LewisHoldenNZ: RT @LewisHoldenNZ: Pleasing to hear @chrisluxonmp discuss need to grow our trade - including with India and Indonesia

RT @LewisHoldenNZ: RT @LewisHoldenNZ: That's a bug not a feature

Chris Penk (unknown) tweeted :

Greek yoghurt is the same as normal yoghurt except that you get some other Europeans to pay for it

RT @EricaStanfordMP: From the fine print of Faafoi’s “reset” any business hiring a working holiday maker for a few months now must be accredited. That small cafe in Foxton wanting to hire a WHM for 3 months now has to pay thousands of dollars & fill in copious amount of paperwork. Revenue gathering.

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RT @jrmeager: Because condemning people to a lifetime of dependency on the state is one of the cruelest things we can allow to happen as a society. It entrenches poverty, creates division and prejudice, and crushes the spirits of every one who just wants a bit of agency and a better life.

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RT @jrmeager: @okanepeter I grew up in a state house raised by a single mum of three in one of the poorest parts of Timaru, but please, do go on about my privilege.

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RT @jrmeager: Peak bureaucracy. The #1 recommendation is an advertising campaign to explain the “need for change” to the nation 🤦‍♂️

RT @kathleen_w1: RT @kathleen_w1: What a meme seeing the Greens give Winston Peters a standing ovation at the end of his speech bc they have to haha

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RT @jrmeager: Anastasiya is a colleague of mine and a brilliant lawyer. The Government must step up and do more, enough of the wet bus tickets. Expel the Ambassador and implement @GerryBrownleeMP’s Autonomous Sanctions Bill. You can sign her petition here:…

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RT @jrmeager: RT @jrmeager: Is this the end of vaccine mandates in NZ?…