All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @maverick3770: Absolutely devestated to hear of the death of Derek Fowlds, who played Bernard in Yes, Minister. Watched it many times, and his witty one liners will always make me laugh.

RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: You know there are people out there *with* kids who want to open up the border too right?

RT @MoniquePoirier_: I hope Luke’s weeping heart extends to the staff who might face redundancy (like we’ve seen already today in Wellington) if the situation doesn’t improve.

RT @brian_bilston: RT @brian_bilston: Board game idea: BONOPOLY: like Monopoly but where the streets have no name. #UKPunDay

RT @StuMorrisonNZ: RT @StuMorrisonNZ: @ChrisPenknz Didn't the @NZFinMin say less than a fortnight ago that he had enough left in the covid fund and wouldnt ne…

RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: What in the actual f is happening?

RT @PronouncedHare: So seriously, can somebody explain to me why it’s so certainly evil for Judith Collins to travel to Wellington to sit in Parliament but so certainly virtuous for James Shaw to travel to Covid-ravaged Glasgow instead of Zooming in?

RT @PronouncedHare: RT @PronouncedHare: You'd really have to hope that the PM was misinformed by her officials at this point.

RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: Can we just acknowledge how amazing the two police officers are who managed to take down a terrorist in 60 seconds?