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Member of Parliament, Toronto-Danforth. Official Opposition Critic for Democratic & Parliamentary Reform. 'Outraged' trolls: expect to be blocked at some point.

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Craig Scott (unknown) retweeted @CBCNews :

RT @CBCNews: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the aggressive verbal harassment he endured outside a campaign event in Peterborough, Ont. was one of the most troubling experiences of his political career.

RT @oceannec_: As a blind woman living in downtown Ottawa right now, the noise is making it unsafe to leave my home. I rely on sounds and audio cues when travelling and when people are honking and screaming I could seriously get hurt. Go home, you’re done. Let me go on with my day safely please

RT @JuddLegum: The Mcminn County School board in Tennessee just voted to ban a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust The vote was 10-0…

Craig Scott (unknown) tweeted :

4/ In 2014 and 2015, I did my best on multiple occasions in the House to show the great dangers to democracy and the rule of law in what the Harper govt and its (and subsequent Liberal govt) Depts of Justice. Here is the string of speeches and comments:

6/ It may be time for Standing Joint Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations (REGS) to do a thorough critical study and a report designed to make this an important issue in a minority Parliament setting, @r_garrison @DalphondPierre @yuenpauwoo .

5/ @ElizabethMay also was very concerned:

7/ REGS has such an operational focus and such a mass of material to stay on top of. It also seeks to do its work in a low-profile, apolitical way, being a joint committee dealing with a key 'rule of law' service for Canada. Thus, I get it may not wish to make waves. However >

8/ But if not REGS, then who/what? Leaving as a Department of Justice matter will lead to one outcome. Leaving with political parties to treat as important matter will lead to the same outcome -- embrace of the S-2 status quo. END

RT @JJ_McCullough: RT @JJ_McCullough: #trudeaueulogies “Today we say goodbye to Mr. Mussolini, the former Italian prime minister best known for his competent…