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Labour MP for Derby North | Former Leader of Derby City Council | Campaigning on party democracy, foreign affairs, local govt, social security and animal rights

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RT @davcon73: Jeremy Corbyn, to our armed forces; "Under my leadership you will only be deployed abroad when there is a clear need - and only when there is a plan that you have the resources to do your job and secure an outcome that delivers lasting peace." #JC4PM 🕊

RT @davcon73: #Brexit: #Marr: "Mr Juncker says 'the deal on the table at the moment, is the only deal possible and that's it'." Barry Gardiner: "You and I remember Mandy Rice-Davies, you know 'He would say that, wouldn't he'." *Rt if yer old enough to remember Mandy

RT @davcon73: The BBC once asked Jeremy Corbyn if Labour was a tainted brand, his reply was fantastic! #TheGreatBBCswitchoff #JC4PM

RT @davcon73: Labour will end insecurity for private renters by introducing controls on rent rises, more secure tenancies, landlord licensing and new consumer rights for renters. #Labour #ManifestoMonday #JC4PM #LabourParty

Warmongers gagging for war in #Ukraine to clear the way for the arms industry make bumper profits.

Sir Keir Starmer wants socialists expelled but welcomes a Tory MP who crossed the floor to join @UKLabou today. It proves that New Labour is well and truly back. The need for an alternative to the neoliberal Labour Party grows stronger every day.…

RT @Debbie_Bannigan: Remember when @jeremycorbyn was looking for the young man who gave him a painting when he visited #Rugby? We found him. His name is Isaac Smith and here is a very special thank you for him, from Jezza. @tezza_da_smif @Rugby_Labour

RT @Debbie_Bannigan: Shocking truths about forced academisation - pls RT in solidarity with @JillBorcherds and #HandsOffBarclay ”...what’s happening to their school is more undemocratic and untransparent and unfair...and it is entirely the creation of the British state.”…

RT @Fruitandvegdon: The seventh Stand up for Labour at the Labour Party Conference. Featuring 🌹@NjambiMcgrath 🌹@MsJoNeary 🌹@normanlovett1 🌹Democracy Roadshow’ with @McDonaldTosh & @DerbyChrisW 🌹Prizes for new and long-standing Labour members 🌹’Labour Heroes’ quiz…

RT @DerbyChrisW: Hunting was banned in 2004 yet the law is flagrantly disregarded. The violent lackeys used by hunts to attack @HuntSabs are now assaulting peaceful demonstrators at hunt meets. The police should be arresting the hunters & their violent lackeys but they're protecting them instead!